Voter Fraud in Lawrence, Why Can’t they See?

By: Peter Larocque – November, 2012)

I guess I shouldn’t be shocked that in the very Election Office in Mayor Lantigua’s Palace, known as Lawrence City Hall, an Election Department employee allegedly forged signatures on public documents, nomination papers to be exact, which a candidate turns into the Election Office to be verified for placement on a ballot.

The fact that the daily paper printed the alleged forgeries with names of people not even able to vote is very telling don’t you think?

Is honesty and integrity too much to ask for? Is it a coincidence that the nomination papers in question belong to the City Council President who was running for State Representative?

I ask, why?

This District was made for Councilor Moran from the get go, redistricting and the Democrats on Beacon Hill made sure of it! This race is supposed to be a done deal so why the need to allegedly forge? Also as far as I know Councilor Moran hasn’t publicly stated one way or the other if he should win a State Representative seat would he step down from the City Council?

Maybe he believes that he can do both, sound familiar? By the way, this incident has not diminished my respect for Council President Moran, I like the guy! Plus as of the time that I’m writing this column, I am not aware of any evidence that Councilor Moran had any knowledge of or had anything to do with these alleged forgeries. But that does not change the fact that he is a very well known good friend of Mayor Lantigua.

It is these kinds of situations that take place at city hall that make it very difficult for an honest and respectful family person to apply for a position to serve on a City Board. The Mayor has free course to fill them with his family members and supporters.

The question before us Lawrencians is who really benefits from the Devers, Moran, Finegold or Adams victories on Tuesday? The one and only, Mayor Lantigua, that’s who. These four buddies of the Mayor are enablers. They choose to not see what is going on in City Hall and throughout the city! But like I said at the beginning, I shouldn’t be shocked. They count on the fact that the majority of Lawrence citizens are either uninformed or just do not care about what is taking place in our city hall! The old blind leading the blind scenario.

Reading the endorsements in the daily paper for these four friends of the Mayor has not been easy for us who know better. For the life of me I do not understand why they just can’t see!

Like I said before in last month’s column, no matter what happens on November 6, 2012, God promises to continue to take care of His people!

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath (past tense), blessed us with all (every) spiritual blessings in the heavenly places in Christ:”

Ephesians 1: 3 It’s a win win situation for believers!

God Bless you all.