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By: Sue Piazza – 7/23

Golden Age Chronicles Book 1
© 2023 by Lauren Lee Merewether
Published by: LLMBooks Publishing
Genre: Historical Fiction
Bookmarkers: 5 of 5

Egypt (Kemet) 1575 BC. is a divided land. Foreign entities control the great delta, the lower region. Various rebellious princes vie for control of the upper region.

Years of struggles and war have forced the men to leave their lives behind in their quest to regain control, especially of the delta, the food basket, the richest environment segment in Kemet. Left behind to procure warriors, financing, allies, etc. are the women. Sister wives. Mothers.

Though the story is written about an obscure line of kings most readers are unfamiliar with, the struggles they encounter are those that people nowadays can relate to. Political intrigue, death, love, family connections. Women, left alone for years at a time, must survive, and thrive.

This is as much a women’s story as it is the story of a country’s reunification attempts.

Ms. Merewether has a unique grasp on Egypt. Her books are packed with information her research uncovers. We have detailed pages that include Time/Places, Gods, Cast, etc.

A map and a family tree introduce the story. Parents and grandparents of those we know from history (or movies) Amenhotep Ramses, Tutmoses, etc. are the main characters.

A substantial plot twist, that stems from this genetic line, further propels the novel.

“A Look into the Past” at the back of the book, goes into further historical content, as does the extensive bibliography provided. The author’s love for both the story and its characters are obvious.
Ms. Merewether also provides a historical review at the end of the book. Here we are informed what is accurate history and what facts the author has taken liberties with.

Ms. Merewether’s stories are rich in visuals as well as action. Example: “…the burning flame at the back of her throat incinerated the yell of agony she held there. She swallowed its ashes and blinked back hot tears.” or “Hate boiled in his eyes.”

Her dialogue befits the characters, their interactions, and the time period the novel details.

The only issue I have with this book is the author’s use of pronouns. Instead of using people’s names she uses designated pronouns, a lot. But this does not affect the overall read.

This author offers free short stories, prequels, and a host of other material on her website. www.LaurenLeeMerewether.com
I have read and followed Ms. Merewether for several years now and have not been disappointed with her books. Some time periods I enjoy more than others. Her delving into Pre-Christian Egyptian history is my favorite.

I would recommend this author with no reservations.

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