We Support Israel



January, 2009

The people of Israel endure immanent destruction on a daily basis from a number of terrorist organizations, governments and civilian populations in the region.

The threat they face is something that most Americans cannot fathom.

Palestinian terrorists, civilians by definition, use ambulances to transport weapons and terrorists from place to place on the Israeli border.

They use their own children to carry out horrific acts of violence, like strapping them with explosives and smuggling them onto school buses to kill Israeli children. They strap nail belts to these children so that those who survive the attack will suffer as much as humanly possible.

They launch rockets indiscriminately into Israeli cities from territory that Israel gave them in exchange for a peace that never came.

They get no support from the UN, populated by the very nations bent on their extinction and are routinely condemned whenever they defend themselves.

Make no mistake about it, the fight in Gaza and the threats that Israel faces in the region are all rooted in an irrational hatred and an obsession with killing Jews to fulfill some religious principal.

Millions of self identified Muslims are brainwashed from birth to believe that Jews are less than human, (likened to pigs and dogs) and are, by definition to be treated as such.

In their world, the Jews are evil and must be wiped from the face of the earth at any cost, including the lives of their children and the advancement of their own people.

We have seen this before. And we have seen the results of what happens when millions of people are brainwashed to believe that a race of people is sub-human. It is an irrational evil that cannot be talked to, negotiated with or ignored. They will settle for nothing less than finishing what Adolph Hitler started: total genocide.

The news media in the United States has been silent on this issue and because of that silence, most Americans are sadly ignorant as to what is really going on in the world and “why the terrorists hate us”.

They hate us because we are the only thing standing in the way of their final solution. America’s strength and influence around the world is the only reason that the Jewish people continue to exist on this earth.

We believe that it is America’s duty to support, not just Israel’s right to exist peacefully as a nation, but the right of Jews everywhere to live without fear of being tortured and murdered because of their race and their religion. 

President Obama must let the world know with words and deeds that America stands with the Jews and will not tolerate the horror they live in every day as they struggle to exist. Hamas must be eradicated and the people of the Palestinian territory must be held accountable for electing a terrorist organization to represent them.

If nothing else, Barack Obama could go down in history as the man who saves the Jews…. or responsible for their extinction.

We have hope!