TONIGHT: Radical Islamists To Protest Jewish Synagogue in Stoughton, MA

TONIGHT: Radical Islamists To Protest Jewish Synagogue in Stoughton, MA

The President of Americans for Peace and Tolerance, Dr. Charles Jacobs, has expressed concern with plans by radical Islamist activists to lead a demonstration outside a Jewish synagogue tonight, to protest a panel discussion on radical Islam.  “The organizations behind this demonstration,” said Dr. Jacobs, “are notorious promoters of extremism. We and our moderate Muslim partners […]

The Holidays in North Andover, Massachusetts

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL   December, 2009 One of the reasons the entire Valley Patriot editorial board loves living in North Andover is because the town has never bowed down to political correctness. We’d drive by the common during the holidays and enjoy seeing a Jewish menorah and Christmas tree. We also enjoyed passing the “Merry […]

We Support Israel

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL   January, 2009 The people of Israel endure immanent destruction on a daily basis from a number of terrorist organizations, governments and civilian populations in the region. The threat they face is something that most Americans cannot fathom. Palestinian terrorists, civilians by definition, use ambulances to transport weapons and terrorists from place to place on the […]


AFFIRMS SUPPORT OF ARMENIAN GENOCIDE RECOGNITION WEB EXTRA   By  Tom Duggan – August 21, 2007     State Representative and Congressional Candidate Barry Finegold condemned the national Anti-Defamation League’s firing of its New England regional director Andrew H. Tarsy. Tarsy was fired by the national ADL for his advocacy on behalf of Armenian genocide recognition. […]

Call it What it is: Jew Hatred

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL November, 2006  The anti-Semitic hate group “Wheels of Justice” was recruited to speak to the children of Andover High School by their equally anti-Semitic physics teacher, Ron Francis. And when the principal canceled the group’s visit because no opposing views were being represented, these so-called “peace activists” had to be escorted out […]

Group Asks Ed. Commissioner to Investigate Andover Teacher for “Blatant Jew Hatred”

Classroom Credit to Support Terrorism?      Ron Francis is an Andover High School teacher, co-chair of the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party, leader in the Somerville Divestment Project and, as some in thecommunity would argue, is “anti-Semitic.”  “Ron Francis’ politics, statements and actions are anti-Semitic,” says Eric Danis, a graduate of Andover High School. “Both his […]

Terrorism & The Seditious Media

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL   January, 2006 You don’t have to look any further than the 24-hour cable news channels or the pages of once-respected newspapers in the United States to find Usama bin Laden’s greatest ally in his quest to destroy America.  American journalists are so obsessed with reporting bad news about Iraq and “revealing” […]