TONIGHT: Radical Islamists To Protest Jewish Synagogue in Stoughton, MA

Dr. Charles Jacobs

The President of Americans for Peace and Tolerance, Dr. Charles Jacobs, has expressed concern with plans by radical Islamist activists to lead a demonstration outside a Jewish synagogue tonight, to protest a panel discussion on radical Islam. 

“The organizations behind this demonstration,” said Dr. Jacobs, “are notorious promoters of extremism. We and our moderate Muslim partners are once again deeply worried to see extremist groups claiming to speak on behalf of all Muslims. The problem here in New England and around the country is the radicalization of the historically moderate American Muslim community.
CAIR Massachusetts, the principal organizer of the protest, has been criticized for the extremist associations of its board members. One of its most recently-appointed officials, Tahirah Amatul Wadud‪, has circulated articles on social media claiming Hitler was not an enemy of the United States, and that 9/11 was an inside job. 
Obama’s Justice Department refuses to work with CAIR officials, and in 2014, the United Arab Emirates designated CAIR as a terrorist organization.
Other supporting organizations are also of concern. The Islamic Society of Boston, which is promoting the event on social media, recently hired a new imam, Abdul-Malik Merchant, who is accused of a variety of anti-Semitic and homophobic statements. Merchant has promoted comments on social media that celebrate “hating fags”, and he has personally quoted material describing Jews as the “most disgusting of the creation.”

The protestors, in objecting to the panel’s speakers, have cited a recent report by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which describes the panelists as Islamophobic. The SPLC report recently suffered heavy criticism from liberal journalists after it named, in the same report, the prominent British Muslim anti-Islamist activist and liberal politician, Maajid Nawaz, as an “anti-Muslim extremist.”
Dr. Jacobs stated: “It is often difficult for media and politicians to understand that extremist organizations may say one thing in public, but another in private. No doubt, tomorrow, CAIR and its associates will claim in front of the cameras to stand for liberal, progressive values.”
“But for the Jews inside that synagogue, they will know that the people outside, egged on by organizations linked to the anti-Jewish terrorist group Hamas, whose officials give platforms to some of America’s most prominent anti-Semitic preachers, are besieging a place of rational discussion and worship. From inside, the extremists’ facade of liberalism looks very thin indeed.”

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