Telling it Straight on Islam and the News Media



By: Chris Maider – October, 2012 Web Extra

Once again the religion of peace demonstrates it’s purpose of being. Once again the Lame Stream Media demonstrates it’s purpose of being and Obama has lost all touch with reality.

The stunning performance of Gov. Mitt Romney at his recent press conference shows the balls this country needs so as to remind the rest of the world that you do not screw with the United States. I could care less about the media fallout from this. The media is wrong and any prudent observer immediately recognizes this every time some anchor-celeb opens his/her maw.

Romney wasn’t just stunning because of the campaign angle of his address, he was stunning because everything he said was totally correct. Romney is (what I call) a polymorph. He is skilled at educating himself about anything he wishes to engage in. He did this as Governor when he tackled the Big Dig scandal, Mass Healthcare, his careful ballet with The Beacon Hill crime syndicate, never mind his private and business pursuits. This is a busy guy and he has his shit wired.

 He is probably the only guy in politics today who is going to tell it straight to the American People about what actually needs to be said and done to successfully prosecute this war.

 The Liberals and their Goebbels-esque media propaganda machine have labelled this “The Arab Spring.” What a bunch of morons.

 This region of the world isn’t exactly brimming with contributions to the world’s roster of historical achievements. Quite the opposite. The wind changes direction and these idiots have another reason to jihad. At least the internal conflicts in black Africa stay internal, you don’t see a car bombing in England from the Nagumbu Liberation Front of Uganda on the evening news. But not these other guys, they are mindless savages and they want to kill us all. Many Middle Eastern States are failed states and more are failing as I write. How’s that Arab Spring workin’ for ya now?

The apology thing didn’t work Mr. O. This war is an after thought for him, it always has been. The recent losses to our side these past three years is a direct result of the scaling back of our words, our deeds and our intentions from the highest office. It wasn’t a political slap on the part of Romney. It became a political slap when Obama said Romney “..shoots from the hip..”. It became political when the state department made, then backtracked on their comments about some Coptic Christian film. At least we sent in 50 Marines..Yeah, good luck to those guys.

 I know this is going to come as a shock to most Americans (so I put out cookies and milk). Romney has every right to say what he wants about his convictions. I like that. One of the cool things about what Romney did is that this guy has the dough to make it happen. I am talking full court press here! Then he does it again when he refused to take back his statements. The media exposed themselves as the hobbled, pathetic nincumpoops they are. So, naturally he was publicly excoriated for excersizing his First Amendment Rights by the First Amendent Rights complaining Liberal Media …Welcome to Bizarro-World Governor.

 The film in question has taken a back seat. It is another example of media chewing on it’s own leg. We placate to the sensitivities of our enemies to the extent that we are willing to silence the voice of opposition in a nation where that opposition is Constitutionally guaranteed that right to voice it’s opposition. I don’t remember seeing any Coptic Christians blowing shit up around the world. But make a film about how you view a situation and you are intolerant and fomenting hate. The world is replete with nations denouncing everything that is American, but we are the intolerant ones.

 Did you know that virtually all of the Christians living in the Arab world (why they stay there is beyond me) either know some one or is related to some one who has been killed, raped, kidnapped, had his/her business/home attacked and destroyed or who has otherwise been fucked with some Islamic Fruitcake Extremist group. They can’t even get justice in a court of law over there, that is, if these cases ever go to court to begin with. Historically, Christians and Jews have always been targeted and persecuted in the Arab World.. Kill a Jew get a free coffee at the drive-thru. Behead a Westerner and you win a color TV.

 Equating a film or a statement and critiques of foreign policy as religiously insensitive is indicative of the weakness in our attempt to understand just what we are dealing with here. The Islamic radicals see this and exploit it as a weapon. In fact, our constant second guessing how our enemies may react is one reason they are winning this war. They will hit us hard with no second thought and we will rub our hands in apology and ask ourselves what we did wrong. Daubing everything with a Muslim litmus test strip will not balance the Ph of the water. Each time we do it all we will discover is that the water is getting worse. By worrying over making matters worse by our actions we certainly have not made anything better.

 ….And That Is The Diatribe….