Call it What it is: Jew Hatred


November, 2006

 The anti-Semitic hate group “Wheels of Justice” was recruited to speak to the children of Andover High School by their equally anti-Semitic physics teacher, Ron Francis. And when the principal canceled the group’s visit because no opposing views were being represented, these so-called “peace activists” had to be escorted out of the building by police because they refused to leave “peacefully.” 

Now, Francis and Andover Teachers’ Union President Tom Meyers are threatening a lawsuit, saying they do not want opposing views represented. (So much for freedom of speech!)

 But who can oppose peace and love? A quick trip to the Web site reveals that Wheels of Justice is a group which seeks to “educate” people on the evils of the United States and Israel. They seek to educate people about the Jewish conspiracy in this country to support Israel. They portray America and the Jews as the root cause of all the violence and turmoil in the Middle East. In short, they cloak themselves under the cover of being “anti-Israel,” but not anti-Semites or anti-Jewish.

 Furthermore, Wheels of Justice claims that Israel committed “ethnic cleansing” against Palestinians, that the Jews are “illegally” occupying land and oppressing poor Palestinian terrorists, and that the Jewish conspiracy in America is responsible for all of this. The group’s Web site stunningly equates the Jewish “occupation” with Nazi death camps in WW II. (Didn’t Hitler use this same type of propaganda?) 

Wheels of Justice sought to bring maps of the “occupied” Palestinian land to Andover High to show just how victimized the Palestinians are at the hands of the evil Jews. But nowhere on its website or in its speeches do they condemn suicide bombings, terrorist acts against civilians, Palestinian support for terrorist groups such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Hezbolah, or even al Qaeda’s 9/11 attack on the U.S. 

In fact, Ron Francis himself makes excuses for all of these terrorist acts by saying that, if he lived in “Palestine,” he “would probably be a suicide bomber too.”

 Francis and the Wheels of Hate certainly do not educate people that Israel has offered land for peace year after year, despite being attacked by Egypt, Jordon, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and the Palestinians since the day after gaining statehood in 1948.

 We find it unconscionable for the local media to call these hate mongers “peace advocates.” But we find it more disturbing that the Anti-Defamation League and Rabbi Goldstein of Temple Emanuel refuses to call them what they are: anti-Semites. It is this kind of pacifism (and refusal to call evil what it is) that lead to millions of Jews being slaughtered in Nazi Germany.

“But we cannot be anti-Semites because Palestinians are Semites,” the Jew haters will say, preferring to debate about word definitions instead of their hatred for America and the Jews. 

So, let us agree and go on the record that anti-Semite is not exactly accurate in describing Ron Francis, Tom Meyers and the Wheels of Justice. They are Jew Haters, pure and simple, who blame the “Jews who control Hollywood,” the “Jews who control the banks” and the “Jews who control foreign policy” in this country for the victimization of poor Muslim terrorists around the world. 

We only wish that the ADL, Rabbi Goldstein, and other Jewish advocacy groups would stop pussyfooting around by calling them “vicious anti-Israel” and call them by what they truly are — modern day, Nazi Jew-Haters!