Where is the Proof? Give Me Facts ~ THE DOCTOR IS IN!

By: Dr.  Ghassibi – 11/22

Greetings everyone,

I have examined and studied Hypnosis, Mindful and Transcendental Meditation and questioned people on Enlightenment. It sounded to me that these pleasant human endeavors are not what I thought they were. I used to think that these were techniques that lead to mystical and almost supernatural states.

After studying and undergoing hypnosis and talking to many hypnotists, I realized that Hypnosis, like Meditation, is only a state of concentration and relaxation of the mind and muscles. There is no real trance unless the person does self-brainwashing and imagines what is not really happening. Hollywood and stage Hypnosis are fake.

The trance, if we insist on using this term, is a state of comfort and temporary happiness and pleasure. Deep prayer, a church ceremony for a believer, a beautiful piece of music, a pleasant but intense session of cardio exercise, all do the same. There is no supernatural magic. It is interesting and pleasant, but not magic in the literal sense.

As for enlightenment, the definitions are a state of oneness with the Universe, a comprehension of the truth of life, a high level of consciousness and self-realization. Wow! Superb stuff that is totally meaningless. What is the truth of life, what is self-realization?

How can we practice mindful meditation or strive toward enlightenment if we treat our employees with disrespect and do not pay them a livable wage. How can we enjoy Yoga and relaxation if we do not care about a suffering friend whom we do not try to help?

How can we get into Transcendental Meditation if we impose our opinions and ways without consideration of other’s. Enlightenment means being noble, kind, respectful and loving.

It is not enough to teach people how to bake a better loaf of bread. This is useless if these people are too poor to buy baking flour. To bake better bread, you need to have flour. To do meditation, you have to be able to afford some dinner first (pay your bills, provide a roof for your family), but you also have to have a clear conscience.
I will leave the topic of useless supplements, beauty products, harmful antiseptics, and magic bullets for another time. We use tons of useless products that are entering our flesh and creating havoc in our immune system.

We listen too much to advertisements. In the 50s smoking and Cocaine were promoted as a treatment for asthma and as vitamins. Similar claims continue now. But it is not our fault if we are being lied to.

P. Ghassibi, MD
ghassibi@hotmail.com ◊