Why are the Planned Parenthood Videos Being Ignored? ~ Beneath the Surface with Paul Murano

By: Paul MuranoAugust, 2015

PlannedparenthoodWe need to ask ourselves an important question, and without pretty language to obscure it: Why is it so difficult for an otherwise civilized society to reject an organization that kills and dismembers thousands of human beings each year and makes money off their body parts?

In the past few weeks undercover videos have revealed to the world that Planned Parenthood employees have been making deals on body parts and “intact fetal cadavers” of the young victims they kill. An abortionist is heard on it proclaiming “it’s a baby” while proudly displaying a disembodied foot, a heart, kidneys, a stomach, and eyeballs of aborted babies they had killed that day. While scanning the body parts, one employee proclaimed “another boy” and another stated “it’s a twin”. One employee nonchalantly joked about buying a Lamborghini with money she could make off these body parts of preborn babies, and another is heard saying, “Usually you can see the whole brain come out.”

And still, when it came for a Senate vote on stopping tax payer funding for such an organization, every Democrat but two voted against it.

Why is the “choice” against barbarism so difficult in the 21st century?

No longer can we turn a blind eye to what places like Planned Parenthood do. No longer can we change the subject when we hear 4200 preborn children are killed each day in the U.S. No longer can we deny the fact that there are people willing to rationalize this all the way to the bank, making millions off the blood and dismembered bodies of our most vulnerable. No longer can we allow them to insult our intelligence with “women’s health” rhetoric to justify this. And most of all, no longer can we pretend this is not occurring in our backyards – in Planned Parenthood centers, abortion clinics, and hospital rooms across the country. Our silence impugns us, making us complicit in this evil.
We have heard the rationalizations and we know they are false. We know the condition or stage of maturity of a human being is irrelevant to their intrinsic worth, that immaturity or disability is immaterial to the question of being and value. “Mary” would have the same intrinsic value if she became a paraplegic in a vegetative state. “John” would too, even if he enters a nursing home decades from now being unable to talk, remember people, or feed himself. Likewise, both Mary and John had no less intrinsic value in their embryonic stage of life than they do in their adult stage. Adults are simply grown up embryos. We all know this. Science and reason are clear. No longer can we pretend this is simply ideology or opinion.

And yet the question remains, and it is a fascinating one: Why are so many Americans willing to allow this barbarism to continue, either by silence or through outright support? This is a great mystery.

I could end this article here with that rhetorical question to ponder. However, I cannot help but offer one answer to which unimpeded reason leads. The 5th and 6th tenets of the natural moral law, i.e. the commandments relating to sex and life, oblige us to control the appetites of our lower nature according to what is good. Sex and violence involuntarily excite us, and for good reason. We are wired to propagate life and to protect it. But losing control of one of these appetites usually means losing control of both. Abusing sex leads to abusing life, and a social norm of premarital sex inevitably leads to the abuse of women and abortion as an “out” from responsibility.

The exact moment society accepted sex outside of marriage as a moral “choice” in the 1970’s was the moment that the “choice” to kill one’s offspring became inevitable. And here lies the crux of the problem: People will always believe abortion is an acceptable moral “choice” as long as non-marital sex remains one. It is irrational to claim that the symptom is evil but the cause is not.

We now have the added problem that Gen Xers and Millennials have lived their entire lives in a world in which Boomers have replaced the sacredness and inviolability of marriage with a moral norm of mutual objectification and abuse. Self control has become a “choice” rather than an obligation. But here lies the hard truth: We will fall deeper and deeper into the barbarism these videos display if we do not dramatically change course to uphold the virtue of chastity as indispensible to human happiness and civilized living. We cannot respect the dignity of the unborn child if we do not respect ourselves. Short of this, many will continue in denial to uphold a narrative of life to which they see no alternative. No longer can we allow this.