Why I Chose to Run for State Rep. ~ Oscar Camargo

By: Oscar CamargoJan. 2015

Oscar Camargo, 14th Essex District candidate for the Democrat Nomination.
Oscar Camargo, candidate for state rep. (D)

Since announcing my candidacy, people from the 18th Essex (Andover, Boxford, North Andover, and Tewksbury) have been supportive of my decision. I’m not surprised, given that State Representative Jim Lyons’ three terms have been unaccomplished.

Rep. Lyons has accrued one of the lowest committee attendance records in the State House. It’s hypocritical when someone who derides government for not working chooses not to do his job. Maybe he’s preoccupied being the chairman of Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign in Massachusetts? Either way, his focus is far from local matters and adds doubt to his commitment towards representing the district.

Recently, Rep. Lyons cited a $4.5 billion increase in local aid, increases in funding for special education and charter schools as his accomplishments. Claiming accomplishments of the Baker Administration is the equivalent of the rooster claiming he’s the reason the sun rises. The power of compromise and cooperation is the reason for the Baker Administration’s achievements–not obstinance and vitriol.

Our community is facing serious problems and needs someone who’s serious about their interests. For example, we face an opioid and heroin epidemic, but Rep. Lyons’ legislation failed to gain serious traction. Local aid has been as inconsistent as Lyons’ commitment. His public statements have even taken aim at our most vulnerable citizens–yet, he’s claimed success at every turn.I’ll work with legislators on both sides of the aisle to protect our community’s interests and ensure our voice is respected in the State House.

I’m running because I believe our community deserves leadership that it can depend on. I’m running because I know I can do better.