A Sneak Peak at Santa’s Naughty and Nice List!


By: Gerry Nutter – December, 2010

Since we are in the Holiday season, I thought I’d save time and hand out my Christmas presents to the area politicians a little early so they don’t forget I got them something. Some you may get and others only a few may get but it’s done in the spirit of fun and Holiday Cheer!

Bernie Lynch, Lowell City Manager: A new Teflon suit since the retirees have chipped away at the old one, A “I Don’t Snitch” Tee shirt along with a book “How to be a better Communicator”.

Lowell Mayor, Jim Milinazo: A framed picture of Bud & Rita for his office and a copy of Rudolph W. Giuliani’s book “Leadership”.

Lowell Councilor Bud Caulfield: His own talk show, appointment as Official City Greeter and some paint for the Lowell High stairs.

Lowell Councilor Rita Mercier: A 2nd for any motion, a pinky swears from Bud that he’s got her back and continued employment when the new Sheriff takes over.

Former Lowell City Councilor Alan Kazanjian: A front page apology from the Lowell Sun and a lifetime towing contract from Bernie Lynch

Retiring State Senator Steve Panagiotakos: No target letters, A lucrative consultant contract with a major company and being named permanent host of Election Night on WCAP Live from the Blue Shamrock.

UMass Lowell Chancellor Marty Meehan: The early retirement of John F. Kerry or Gov. Patrick to come to his senses, both are long shots.

Lowell State Rep. Kevin Murphy: A committee chairmanship or Partner offer with Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP (I’ll put in a good word for you)

Lowell State Rep. Tom Golden: An I Love My LOBBYIST T-shirt, A meeting with the FBI (just to be able to say you’re important enough to have had one) and a real job for the first time in your life.

Lowell State Rep. Dave Nangle: A copy of America’s Toughest Sheriff, a tour of Middlesex County and a dinner date with Gov. Patrick

Lowell City Councilors Patrick Murphy & Bill Martin: Dave Nangle being named Sheriff of Middlesex County.

Supt of Lowell Schools Chris Scott: Dinner with Regina , A school committee that pays like the TECH Board and a new contract either in Lowell or a city that appreciates all you have accomplished without taking an extra dime.

Lowell School Committeewoman Jackie Doherty: A soccer ball, Accounting for Dummies to pass out to those in need and her own lunch with the Headmaster.

Lowell School Committeeman Jack Leary: An I am NOT John Leahy LHS Sweatshirt, a copy of “The Tough Negotiator” and his own writer at the Sun like Paul Georges has.

Greater Lowell Supt. Mary Jo Santoro: The re-election of Mike Lenzi and Dave LaFerriere to the School Committee and lessons in How to be an effective Superintendent from Chris Scott.

Greater Lowell Tech School Committeeman Dave LaFerriere: A long and Happy Retirement and live broadcasting of the Tech School Board Meetings.

Former Tech School Committeeman Mike Hayden: A do over for your comments at Jim Cassin’s retirement Party and lunch with Lynne Lupien.

Maurice Cohen: A do over and the ability to sell the station to a man who would keep his word. Another reunion with your old staff. Lowell misses you.

Sam Poulton, Co-Owner WCAP: A large mirror that shows up everywhere he goes and a partner with money to buy out Clark Smidt,

Clark Smidt Co-Owner WCAP: Free Lifetime pass to Jimmy Tingle’s OFF BROADWAY Theater, A basketful of Athenian Corner & Shaw Farm Gift Certificates and a subscription to 50 Ways to Be a Better Boss.

Ted Panos WCAP: Low Kai Gift Cards, a week to sleep in and someone to talk local politics on a regular basis for the morning show.

Andover/Dracut Senate elect Barry Finegold: His own “I love Willie” T-shirt, another pass from the Ethics Commission and a Printing for Dummies book.

Dracut State Rep Colleen Garry: A Judgeship just as her term is ending, gift certificates to Coyle’s Tavern and Shaw Farm and a happier 2011.

Dracut Selectman Bob Cox: Promise by State Rep. Colleen Garry to hold 3 Fundraisers at his place and a lesson on ethics from someone besides his brother John and Barry Finegold.

Dracut Selectman Jon Zimini: Endorsements from Jimmy O, Warren and Joe D and an Ice scraper because you know what must have froze over.

Former Selectman Jim O’Laughlin: Personal Invitation to Town Meeting along with directions since he has lost his way there since last May and a paying gig at the Lowell Sun.

Dracut Town Manager Dennis Peindak: Retirement tips from Mike McLaughlin, a Red phone with a dedicated line to “The Farm” and the courage to announce a definite retirement date.

Tom Duggan: He already got his, a new station with a better boss and not having to deal with the GRINCH who stole WCAP.

All of these gifts were done with a smile on my face, a song in my heart and the wish for all to have a Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy and Joyous New Year

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