Join the Heroes As They Gather

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL May, 2005 It is time for a reality check as our Town and City leaders wring their hands over budgets that don’t stretch to meet everyone’s expressed needs, and citizens grind their teeth because some service is slightly diminished.  But, we are not living in a time of deprivation. Quite the contrary, […]

Hero in Our Midst, Ted Cole – Valley Patriot of the Month (May, 2005)

By: Dr. Charles Ormsby – May, 2005 Andover, Mass. – “I was furious at what they did,” said Ted Cole, recalling his emotions after hearing about the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Less than 24 hours later he and his two brothers were in line at the recruiting station in Lawrence. “The line was out the […]

If You Can’t Make History Try Re-Writing It (opinion)

If You Can’t Make History Try Re-Writing It (opinion)

By: Ralph Wilbur – May, 2005   During the “Public Participation” portion of the North Andover School Committee Meeting on April 12th, Ms. Cynthia Jalbert rose to complain about the brochure I distributed before North Andover’s recent town election. Specifically, she suggested that my praise for Dr. Ormsby’s efforts to improve the quality of education […]