It Used to be Called Treason

It Used to be Called Treason

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITRIAL December, 2005 Each month the Valley Patriot honors Veterans of the U.S. military who fought for this country at great personal risk and tremendous personal sacrifice. Normally, we prefer to use the limited space within this newspaper to showcase the great bravery and selfless dedication our veterans have exhibited for the safety of our nation and the rest of […]

Hero in Our Midst – John Doherty – Valley Patriot of the Month

  By Dr. Charles Ormsby – December 6, 2005 ANDOVER, MA – John Doherty had a lot of family history to uphold. His family had lived in Andover for over 150 years and the Doherty Elementary School is named after his uncle, Bill Doherty, after he served 39 years on the Andover School Committee. John’s […]

“New” Faces in Methuen

November, 2005 The running joke before last week’s election was: “who is going to LOSE by a wider margin, Marcos Devers in Lawrence or Ellen Bahan in Methuen?”  Well, Ellen won that one, but not much else. She lost the mayoral race to Bill Manzi by a margin of 28% to 68%, a resounding victory […]

Why Attend Town Meeting?

November 14, 2005   North Andover is having its Special Town Meeting on December 5, 2005, yet everyone I speak to want to know why. The meeting was initially scheduled so that voters could decide on whether or not to rezone the Lucent Technologies site now owned by Ozzy Properties. Ozzy Properties want to rezone […]

What Lawrence Doesn’t Need…. More Poverty Pimps!

By: Tom Duggan – November, 2005 With 80,000 plus people crammed into six square miles, Lawrence has been a very attractive (and profitable) place for poverty pimps to ply their trade: mainly, strong-arming local officials to give them government money for their so-called non profit organizations. Of course, these poverty pimps pretend that their goal […]

Let’s Encourage MORE Illegal Aliens

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL    November, 2005 Some Massachusetts legislators are always seeking newer and better ways to mug the Massachusetts taxpayers. The ongoing effort to allow the children of illegal aliens to attend state colleges at the same cost as legal residents, rather than at the higher out-of-state rate, is another example of flouting the […]

Hero in our Midst – CPL. Harvey Gibeau – Valley Patriot of the Month,

By: Dr. Charles Ormsby – November, 2005 Harvey Gibeau was born in Lawrence in 1923 and after high school he joined the Civilian Conservation Corps in the late 1930s. He vividly remembers the ever-present sense of patriotism that prevailed. Patriotism was a common household word and was an expected personal trait in his family. In […]

What the Numbers Really Mean

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL   October, 2005 Last month, the City of Lawrence held a preliminary municipal election for mayor, school committee and city council. Less than 20% of the 32,000 registered voters bothered to participate. With more than 70,000 people living in the city of Lawrence that means less than 9% of the population bothered […]

Feds Say N. A. Schools Failing

  By: Tom Duggan – October, 2005 Last month the North Andover School Committee approved measures to evaluate academic expectations and goals for students in the North Andover School System. School Committee member Charles Ormsby made a motions, which was unanimously approved. The motion was to intended to support the school committee initiatives adopted last […]

Hero in our Midst – Frank Shimko, E-4 Communications Specialist – Valley Patriot of the Month

  By: Charles Ormsby – October, 2005 Frank Shimko, E-4 Communications Specialist Frank Shimko didn’t think his future lay in Nebraska, so at 19 he enlisted in the Army. It was the summer of 1965. Not long afterwards, he found himself on the other side of the world and in harm’s way. Frank was born […]

No More Excuses for Gaza

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL September, 2005 Amid much dissention and psychological trauma, Israel has withdrawn all Israeli settlers from Gaza. Regardless of debates concerning who lived in Gaza first, or who should be entitled to live there now, or whether withdrawal will reward the terrorists, Israel has chosen to pull out. Right, wrong or otherwise, Gaza […]

Hero in our Midst – Pfc. Alexander “Alex” Milne – Valley Patriot of the Month (9-05)

  By: Charles Ormsby – September, 2005 NORTH ANDOVER – Alexander Milne rarely speaks of his wartime experiences, even with fellow veterans. Such conversations were uncommon even with his brother, Donald, who served on the Battleship Texas at Normandy, Iwo Jima and Okinawa, and who passed away two years ago. Alex found it difficult to […]

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