Councilor Criticizes Lantigua for Racist Policy

Lawrence Councilor LaPlante says mayor wrong for only putting city job postings in Spanish Language newspapers   By: Tom Duggan, February 2, 2010  Lawrence City Councilor Marc LaPlante took Mayor Willie Lantigua to task Wednesday night for his policy of only posting city jobs in Spanish Language weekly newspapers and not “the daily paper of record.  Since […]

Obama holds up arms to Israel, ships to Muslim countries

VALLEY PATRIOT EXCLUSIVE   March, 2010 According to a report last month by The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, the Obama Administration is blocking an arms deal with Israel. The report states that “Israel’s request for six AH-64D Apache Longbow attack helicopters was blocked by the Obama Administration in June …” Meanwhile, Massachusetts Congresswoman […]

Methuen’s Residency Enforcement Policy

  By: Ken Willette – February, 2010 The Methuen School Committee votes every year at a public meeting against offering a school choice program within the district. Therefore, it is critically important to review and strengthen the current district policy relative to investigating, identifying and removing any out-of-district student not presently authorized to attend our […]

Lawrence Exchange Club Honors Fire, Police, EMT’s

Lawrence, Andover North Andover Heroes Honored By: Tom Duggan – Febrary, 2010 The Lawrence Exchange Club held their annual Police, Firefighter and EMT of the year awards last night honoring first responders in the valley. Police and Fire Chiefs from Lawrence, Andover and North Andover were allowed to present each honoree with a plaque and explain to […]

Sweeney Pens Letter to Ethics Commission

Sweeney Pens Letter to Ethics Commission

February 4rth, 2010 State Ethics Commission Mr. Scott Cole 1 Ashburton Place Boston, MA 02108 Dear Mr. Cole: I am filing a formal complaint against William Lantigua, Mayor of the City of Lawrence and State Representative for the Sixteenth Essex District – City of Lawrence. I firmly believe that Mayor/State Representative William Lantigua has violated […]

One Happy Republican

PAYING ATTENTION! WITH TOM DUGGAN By: Tom Duggan – February, 2010  Well, it’s been a while since I last wrote a column under this title, but maybe it was worth the wait. Last month’s special election here in Massachusetts was electrifying. But not just here in Massachusetts, all over the country people were energized and […]

Get your Sex on!

Stay At Home Dads By: Pete Baylies – February, 2010   Another source of tension for at-home dads and their working partners is lack of intimacy. While you may have thought that with the new arrangement there would be less craziness in your lives, it can still be exhausting for both of you. This on […]

Congress Struggles to Create Jobs … Right!

THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX By: Dr. Charles Ormsby – February, 2010 It always amazes me how our Congress seemingly struggles to accomplish something as simple as “creating jobs.” Actually there is no need to create jobs. There are many more jobs than people. For example, just walk around your house. Are there no jobs to […]

Getting ready for future challenges

  By: Joe Mendonca – February, 2010 The City Manager has begun to reorganize city government. The first change was to replace the Building Commissioner as the beginning of restoring integrity to the City’s Inspectional Services. The Manager appointed Rosemary Cashman (former Tyngsboro Town Administrator) as Interim Building Commissioner while a search is conducted for […]

Valley Patriot of the Month: Robert “Bob” Ahern

Hero in Our Midst   By: Terry Crow Mercier – Fbruary, 2010 A hero is often considered to be someone in the forefront of a scenario and highly visible to a large audience. I want to tell you about a more behind the scenes kind of hero– the type of hero that so often goes […]

Help us, help you when your pets are on the loose!

  By: Crystal Arnott – January, 2010 Each year thousands of animals go missing and are never reunited with their families. Without proper identification, many of these animals enter shelters and never make it home. There are many ways to ensure your pet makes it home after an adventure out of the house, and a […]