Opposing the Death Penalty

By: Paul Murano The terms capital punishment and decapitate come from the same Latin word for regarding the head. Although the death penalty was often the removal of one’s head, there have been other ways of administering it throughout history. Socrates was poisoned, Stephen was stoned, and Jesus was crucified; representing the Greek, Jewish and […]

Senator Tisei offers statewide property tax relief proposal

Calls for casino money to be returned to homeowners, businesses July, 2010 BOSTON – Senate Minority Leader Richard R. Tisei has called for the creation of a new Property Taxpayers Relief Fund that would use casino revenues to annually reduce property tax bills across the Commonwealth. Tisei filed the proposal as an amendment to the […]

Business as usual

Lawrence Mayor Lantigua has brought nothing but chaos and has no plan By:  Robert O’Koniewski, Esq. – July, 2010 When Mayor William Lantigua took over city government in January, he promised a break from the business as usual that we have seen under all previous administrations. His rhetoric may have been lofty, but it belied the […]

Tea Party 101

By: Christine Morabito – July, 2010 With new Tea Parties popping up all over the state, there is no question that the message of limited government strikes a chord with a great many Bay State residents. An enthusiastic group of American patriots is forming right in our own backyard with the emergence of the Merrimack Valley […]

Obama’s Oil Spill

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL July, 2010   For more than 80 days, millions of gallons of oil have been billowing into the Gulf of Mexico. And for 80 days President Obama has done absolutely nothing to take control of the situation. We agree with Obama’s blind defenders that he cannot put on a cape, fly to […]

Lantigua attacks Firefighters for “getting paid to sleep”

Lantigua attacks Firefighters for “getting paid to sleep”

Valley Patriot Exclusive! Lawrence Firefighters react to Lantigua’s Attacks By: Tom Duggan – July 2010 Lawrence Mayor Willie Lantigua’s war against police and firefighters in the city of Lawrence has reached a new low, firefighters told The Valley Patriot last month after Lantigua attacked them as lazy and greedy during several city council meetings and […]

Lawrence Fire Chief Murphy Says He is Being Targeted

Lawrence Fire Chief Murphy Says He is Being Targeted

TARGETED! Valley Patriot Exclusive! By: Tom Duggan – July, 2010 Lawrence Mayor Willie Lantigua is targeting Fire Chief Brian Murphy after the chief publicly opposed the mayor’s efforts to layoff more than two dozen firefighters and close two more fire stations, the chief told the Valley Patriot. Since Chief Murphy appeared before the city council […]