Our Biggest Enemy Is Timidity

We Must Halt Run Away Deficit Spending … NOW!  THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX By: Dr. Charles Ormsby – February, 2011 In my article last month (“It’s Time to Take Out the Meat Cleaver!” The Valley Patriot, January 2011), I outlined a downsizing of the federal government that would reduce spending by $1.2 trillion in the […]

The Day The Mask Slipped Off The American News Media

The Day The Mask Slipped Off The American News Media

By: Jeff Katz – February, 2011 The last few weeks have provided an interesting look into the minds of many Americans. Start with the shooting of Arizona Congressman Gabby Giffords. The charges and accusations have flown hot and heavy and what has been a rather conspicuous casualty in all of this has been the truth. […]

Public Information Belongs to US!

Freedom of Information Laws MUST be Respected Valley Patriot Editorial February 5, 2011 Lawrence Mayor Willie Lantigua seems to think he owns the City of Lawrence. Since taking office in January of 2010, the Boston Herald and The Valley Patriot have reported Lantigua refusing to comply with Freedom of Information (FOI) requests. Those are requests […]

Lani’s first Christmas

Lani’s first Christmas

  By; Tracey Zysk – January, 2011 Christmas Day December 25, 2010 was one like no other for my Sweet Lani. As many of you know, I adopted Lani from a high kill shelter in Texas this past August. Sweet isn’t even a word nice or kind enough to describe my precious 3yrs old Boston […]

Wise Men Still Seek Him

  By: Paul Murano , January, 2011 On December 29th on WHAV radio I wished the host of Paying Attention a Merry Christmas. Tom Duggan, the host, immediately informed me Christmas was over. So I took the opportunity to clarify this common misconception. While the secular world celebrates Christmas from the last bite of turkey […]

Judicial Watch vs. the Swamp Creatures

By: Christine Morabito – January, 2011  Four years ago House Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised to “drain the swamp” of political corruption in our Nation’s Capital. A difficult task–especially for someone wallowing in her own scandalous ooze, accused of using military aircraft for her private and leisure travel. Not only did she break her promise, but […]

An interview with Senator Steve Baddour

Senator talks about the Ward Hill Bridge, legislative priorities for 2011   State Senator Steve Baddour appeared on the Paying Attention! radio program with Tom Duggan and Paul Murano on WHAV.NET to discuss the Ward Hill Bridge. Tom Duggan: I know that you are head of the transportation committee in the Senate … can you […]

Study on Parolees in Mass: Parolees offend more than those who serve out their sentence

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Massachusetts Recidivism Study reflects a collaborative effort between the Urban Institute’s Justice Policy Center and the Massachusetts Department of Correction (DOC) to closely examine factors contributing to recidivism, with three interrelated study components: an analysis of DOC administrative data and recidivism, parole officer focus groups, and interviews of recidivists as they return […]

The Power of Facebook: In four days, 23,000+ people say goodbye to Hero Police Officer John “Jack” Maguire

Valley Patriot Editorial Extra   On December 26th, 2010 Woburn Police Office Jack Maguire was killed in the line of duty. On December 27th a tribute page on the social networking site Facebook was set up to honor Officer Maguire allowing people to post their comments of condolence to the family and fellow officers of […]

In Wake of Woburn Officer Jack Maguire’s Murder by Parolee

In Wake of Woburn Officer Jack Maguire’s Murder by Parolee

Baddour Calls on Parole Board to Resign   By: Tom Duggan – January, 2011  Parole Board Must Resign State Senators Steve Baddour (D) Methuen and Bruce Tarr (R) Glocester, say that the killing of Woburn Police Officer Jack Maguire at the hands of Dominic Cinelli, a man set free by Governor Deval Patrick’s Parole Board […]

The Private can’t afford the Public Sector

  By: Gerry Nutter – January, 2011 Last February now former State Sen. Steve Panagiotakos proclaimed “The Private Can’t afford the Public Sector anymore.” As we begin 2011 those words need to be kept in mind as area school committees’ negotiate new contracts with teachers and administrators. Nowhere is this more relevant than The Greater […]

Local brothers raise needed funds for Merrimack Valley Hospice House

Local brothers raise needed funds for  Merrimack Valley Hospice House

  January, 2011 HAVERHILL. – Two local brothers have made an extraordinary effort to raise funds for the Merrimack Valley Hospice House this holiday season. During the Ocasio’s True Martial Arts Black Belt Extravaganza on December 4th, the Newton, New Hampshire brothers featured a booth of homemade ornaments and crafts to support Merrimack Valley Hospice […]

NECC program receives highest industry endorsement

  January, 2011 Northern Essex Community College’s laboratory science associate degree, which prepares students for biotechnology jobs, has just received the highest endorsement from representatives from the biotechnology industry. The college’s program was one of eight community college programs to be endorsed by the Massachusetts Life Science Education Consortium (MLSEC) and one of four colleges […]