Obama’s Birth Control Plan

Obama’s Birth Control Plan

  By Paul Murano – August, 2011 The Obama administration said last month that health insurance plans must cover birth control as preventive care for women, with no co-pays. This is huge. From the FDA approving the birth control pill in 1960 to the court striking down restrictions to contraception use in 1965 (Griswold vs. […]

Reveling in Death

Reveling in Death

  By; Paul Murano – May, 2011 The Bin Laden saga has illustrated to the world two ugly manifestations of the hate that lurks in the hearts of men. The first happened ten years ago on 9/11 when it resulted in over 3,000 innocent people being killed. The second came last week when countless people […]

What is Truth

What is Truth

  By: Paul Murano – April, 2011 This month the world’s two billion Christians celebrate Easter, their biggest holiday of the year. I want to focus on three words posed as a question by Pontius Pilate just hours before the Easter resurrection event. According to historical records these three words make up the last question […]

Wise Men Still Seek Him

  By: Paul Murano , January, 2011 On December 29th on WHAV radio I wished the host of Paying Attention a Merry Christmas. Tom Duggan, the host, immediately informed me Christmas was over. So I took the opportunity to clarify this common misconception. While the secular world celebrates Christmas from the last bite of turkey […]

The Shallow World of Politics

  By: Paul Murano – November, 2010 Okay, so Republicans have picked up major gains in this midterm election. Is this something conservatives should celebrate? Does it mean the country is turning right? Not at all. It is a pattern that has been happening for decades. There are basically two reasons people win major elections […]

The Heartbeat of the Valley

  By: Paul Murano – August, 2010 When I moved back home from Tampa in the early 1990’s I gathered together a young adult group from St. Margaret’s in Burlington to share an idea. A crisis pregnancy center was needed in the area. To make a long story short everything fell into place, and from […]

Opposing the Death Penalty

By: Paul Murano The terms capital punishment and decapitate come from the same Latin word for regarding the head. Although the death penalty was often the removal of one’s head, there have been other ways of administering it throughout history. Socrates was poisoned, Stephen was stoned, and Jesus was crucified; representing the Greek, Jewish and […]

My Fellow Talking Animals

  By: Paul Murano – May, 2010 My Fellow Talking Animals . . . I am increasingly confronted with signs that remind me we have crossed the Rubicon, the threshold of sanity, and our only collective hope is a deep conversion of mind and heart. Every semester I take an informal poll in my college […]

I was Just Thinking

   By: Paul Murano – April, 2010 …When exactly did the era of the store clerk asking if we want a bag begin? …Don’t we have enough choices in life without having to decide bag or no bag? …Will someone please settle whether tipping should be 15 or 20 percent? …If the new health care […]

Are we out of the Woods yet?

  By: Paul Murano – March, 2010 There have been two opposite reactions in the aftermath of Tiger Woods’ public apology, and each is an inappropriate extreme. One illustrates the fatal flaw of capitalism, the other of secularism. The first was the media blitz we were inundated with for a week, with everyone and his […]