Cops Executed Because of CNN’s Anti-Cop Hysteria



By: Tom Duggan, August, 2016

I blame CNN and their reporters for the execution of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge last month.

Let me make my case, and hopefully elevate the discussion.

We are preached at every day by democrat politicians and their advocates in the “news” media that it’s wrong to label and stereotype Blacks, Muslims, women, minorities of all kinds, people with sexual preferences we may not share, the poor, etc. 

Why then, is it OK for CNN and the vast majority of television news networks to label and stereotype cops?

Since the Ferguson shooting of would-be cop killer Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson, the so called “news” media has created mass hysteria over the fake story that Michael Brown had his hands up, and was yelling “don’t shoot!” when Officer Wilson “gunned him down”.

Even President Obama’s Justice Department concluded that Wilson was charging at Officer Wilson when the officer fired the fatal shot in self-defense.

Yet, long after the “hands up, don’t shoot” propaganda was proven to be untrue, CNN continued their campaign of anti-cop hysteria by continuing to report the “hands up, don’t shoot” story, adding to that a daily onslaught of misleading stories and scripted panel discussions specifically designed to label and stereotype cops as racist, jack-booted thugs, looking to gun down young black men.

News reporters are supposed to report the facts objectively. They are free to have all the biases they want as long as it does not affect their news reporting. Yet, CNN not only disregarded the facts about various cases of police shootings of black men, they proved their anti-cop bias and hatred by posing for this photo (above) at the “CNN NEWS DESK”.

Think about how powerful that symbolism is.

The signal they sent was, that as a news network, they were taking the side of would-be cop killer Michael Brown, and the domestic terrorist group Black Lives Matter, which grew from Michael Brown’s death and the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie.


When Congressman Gabby Giffords was shot, Chris Matthews of MSNBC blamed the NRA, The Tea Party, and Sarah Palin, saying “words have consequences. Symbols have consequences.”

His claim, (which was shared by CNN’s Don Lemon), was that some crazy person saw an NRA flier with a bulls-eye over Gifford’s district (indicating they were targeting her in the next election for defeat) and shot Giffords as a result.

While Matthews claim was false, his liberal philosophy of “words causing harm” sure makes you wonder.

Black Lives Matter advocates call for the murder of cops, (specifically white cops) based on the lie that cops are “out to gun down black men”. What responsibility has CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the anti-police “news” media taken after giving BLM’s message legitimacy and stoking the flames of violence against police?


As the result of these 24-7 news media misrepresentations, and the purposeful labeling and stereotyping of police officers as racist killers; our inner cities have exploded with racist violence and the execution of cops. It has resulted in the burning down of businesses and homes. It has resulted in thousands of people being severely injured, including police officers.

As the son of a slain cop, I hold Don Lemon, Ashleigh Banfield, Solidad O’Brien, (and the rest of the CNN cop-haters) directly responsible for the executions of five Dallas Police Officers, three Baton Rouge police officers, and … let’s not forget New York Police Officers Liu and Ramos who were executed by a Black Lives Matter enthusiast while they were sitting in their police cruiser.

Shouldn’t the news media, in particular CNN, be held to the same standard they hold everyone else? Shouldn’t their labeling and stereotyping of cops have “consequences”?

After all …

“Words have consequences” … right?

“Symbols have consequences” … right?

What CNN has done is yell fire in a crowded theater.

At a time when Islamic terrorists are walking the streets, drug and gun gangs rule the inner cities, organized crime can out gun the cops, and the president taking away defensive military gear from the cops, we need to support the men and women of law enforcement now more than ever.

Because the next time someone breaks into your home, or tries to hurt your family, it won’t be Black Lives Matter or CNN’s Don Lemon, or Solidad O’Brien coming to save you.

Whether you are black, or you are white, it will be the heroes of your local law enforcement agency coming to your rescue.

And their lives matter.