Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera, Superintendent Riley, Asked to Join Transition Team for Governor-Elect Charlie Baker

Democrat Dan-Rivera chosen for the Baker Transition Team

LAWRENCE – Despite the fact that Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera is a Democrat who endorsed Attorney General Martha Coakley, Rivera has been asked to join the transition team for Governor-Elect Charlie Baker and Lieutenant Governor-Elect Karyn Polito.

Mayor Rivera attended the first meeting of the Better Government sub-committee meeting in Boston yesterday evening, where the topics up for discussion ranged from reforming the structure of state government to changing the bureaucratic culture and creating real partnerships between state and local government. “This is strong mix of voices on the Better Government committee, and I am excited about the opportunity to serve on a team with such a robust group of individuals; good things are on the way,” said Mayor Rivera. “I am happy for our leaders from Lawrence that were also selected to serve on the Baker-Polito transition team; Lawrence Public Schools Superintendent Jeff Riley, District F City Councilor Marc LaPlante, GLCAC Executive Director Evelyn Friedman and Attorney Wendy Estrella.”

The Baker-Polito transition team is comprised of five sub-committees; Schools, Jobs/Economy, Community, Health and Better Government.

Mayor Rivera will serve on the Better Government sub-committee.

“The transition phase is critical in preparing to take office; you have to ensure that you have the right mix of people to represent the range of the constituents you will serve,” said Mayor Rivera.

“I am honored to have been asked to participate in this important process, and I applaud Governor-Elect Charlie Baker and Lieutenant Governor-Elect Karyn Polito on the level of diversity in their committee member choices.”

The sub-committees on the transition team will meet at least two times throughout the course of the transition, and will submit a final report to the Governor-Elect.