Murder Suspect Worked for Lantigua under Anti Violence Grant

By: Tom Duggan – January 21, 2013

Lawrence City workers confirmed for the Valley Patriot this morning that murder suspect Ismael Calixto of Lawrence was also working for the City of Lawrence under an  $800,000 “Anti-Violence” grant called “The Safe and Successful Youth Initiative grant” to take criminal youths and give them city jobs.

According to Valley Patriot sources who work at the cemetery, Calixto was on duty back in November when Lawrence Police stormed the cemetery offices with guns drawn and arrested Calixto on the spot.

Calixto is being charged with murder in the late night gun battle on Broadway in Lawrence where witnesses say Calixto shot and killed Richard “Chi-Chi” Bonilla.

Calixto has denied any involvement in the murder.

“He absolutely worked here the cops came and took him away shortly after that murder on Broadway a few months ago. He was given to us by Art McCabe. Most of the kids working with us through that program actually do a good job most of them are good kids,” our source said asking for anonymity for fear of retaliation from the Lantigua administration.

Lawrence Police chief John Romero refused to speak “on the record” about the incident.

Police sources say that Calixto as well as a group of others tried to gain entry to a drinking party on Broadway Ave and when they were turned away a fight ensued resulting in Bonilla being shot in the head.

Calixto is the fourth city worker discovered by the Valley Patriot to be working for Mayor Lantigua as part of the $800,000 Safe and Successful Youth Initiative grant designed to take criminal youth and give them city jobs.



 Murder Suspect Worked for Lantigua under Anti Violence Grant

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