Muslim Terrorism Hits Boston


By: Jeff Katz – May, 2013

Katz00Just in case anyone needed a reminder that we are still a nation at war, they should have gotten that message loud and clear on Patriot’s Day 2013. On April 15, two bombs were deployed which rocked the finish line of the venerable Boston Marathon. What followed these attacks, really demonstrated the perilous times in which we live.

Within minutes of the bombs going off, a large collection of the usual suspects declared that the attacks were “obviously” related to taxes. These faux journalists announced that “clearly” the attacks had been perpetrated by “Tea Party types” and “right wingers.” I read one online posting asking “Where was Sarah Palin?” when the attacks occurred. There was no need to wait for the facts, because “we know” what happened. These same voices of tolerance and diversity inclusion who had long opposed the death penalty now announced that they would reconsider that for the “tea baggers” who did this.

As we know now, despite the hopes and dreams of the demented leftists, the terrorists were two men acting in the name of Islam. We can argue about what particular strain of Islam they followed and we should acknowledge that the vast majority of the world’s one billion Muslims are not involved in terrorism, but we would be downright irresponsible to ignore what tied these jihadis to others waging their own “Holy Wars” against us.

The Boston Marathon bombers had every opportunity to become good decent people and proud members of the American family. They were granted asylum to escape war in their native land. They received tax payer funded housing, food stamps, scholarships and more. At last count, it is believed that more than $100,000 in tax dollars came from us and was given to them. Instead of gratitude, we got slaughter.

Once it became clear that the latest terrorist attack was very much like the bulk of the terrorist attacks we’ve seen in the last decade, we were all warned by political hacks, flacks and White House staffers deployed to MSNBC to refrain from “jumping to conclusions.” All of a sudden, the same folks who gleefully proclaimed the Tea Party to be the culprits wagged their fingers at the rest of us who live on planet earth and cautioned against any “speculation.”

Now the only question remaining is, will the Obama administration which placed the label of “workplace violence” on the massacre at Fort Hood start to describe the jihadi terrorist attacks at the Boston Marathon as “sports related deaths and injuries?”