Radio, Political Legend Ronnie Ford Dies at 75

Ronnie Ford and Tom Duggan

Hero war Veteran Ronnie Ford not only served his country in the military but when he came home from battle became a police officer in Methuen to serve his community. 

Ford also served his community as a city councilor in Methuen, a School Committeeman, and as a member of the Greater Lawrence Vocational School. 

He was a proud Democrat and was active in the Democrat Party. owned several businesses including a business he started, Northern Process Servers which is still thriving today and was one of Ronnie’s Sales accounts at The Valley Patriot. 

Ford ran a charity walk every year in honor of his son Danny who died of cancer nearly a decade ago. 

But Ford is best known for his stint as the host of WCCM radio’s “Hot Line Program”, once the most listened to talk show in the Valley. 

Every day from 12-2pm Ford would talk about the issues of the day and poke fun of the daily newspaper even long after the Eagle Tribune purchased the station.

Every day at the end of his show he would sign off saying:

“May the good Lord take a liking to you and…. hey, do something nice for someone today… and we wish you enough“.

Always controversial, but always with a smile, Ronnie Ford had an infectious laugh that sounded like Santa Clause that drew people into wanting to spend time with him. 

For the past nine years Ronnie Ford was a columnist for The Valley Patriot and also worked as a salesman, promoter and delivery driver. He was also Valley Patriot publisher Tom Duggan’s lead in and co host on the radio. 

The Valley Patriot Family is saddened by his death as his passing leaves a big void in our company and in our daily lives. 

Valley Patriot Publisher Tom Duggan will do a tribute to Ford on his Paying Attention Radio Program on WCAP, Saturday morning (10-Noon). The Tribute will be posted after the program. 

Our hearts go out to Ronnie’s wife and children and his entire family as well as Valley Patriot columnist Jack Doyle who was his best friend and partner in crime. 

He will be waked at Duhirst Funeral home. The Valley Patriot will post the arrangements when the family releases them. 

Ronnie’s last show on the air as Valley Patriot Publisher Tom Duggan’s fill-in co host during a brief on air-stint on WHAV in Haverhill in 2010.