The Choice is so Clear — I Can See Reagan from My House (Opinion)

By: Christine Morabito – September 7, 2012 

Ronald_ReaganToastmasters must be having a field day. The “ums” and “ahs” liberally applied to President Obama’s debate rhetoric proved he is lost without his teleprompter.

By contrast, during the first presidential debate, Mitt Romney appeared poised and confident, and projected a likeable image, very unlike the mean-spirited, out-of-touch candidate his opponents have been trying to portray.

Critics on both sides of the isle agree that Romney owned that debate. Conservatives are now being lifted out of their funk and are hoping for a jump in poll numbers.

The strength of Romney’s performance was in the brilliant way he articulated Conservatism – the only thing that will truly save this country from collapse. By looking to the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, maintaining a strong military, respecting religious freedom and the right of people to pursue their dreams, free from Big Brother’s restraint, we can make this country great again.

Obama, on the other hand, peddled his vision of 4 more years of tax increases, regulations, further spending on unproven “green jobs” and increasing control over every aspect of American life. Thankfully, people aren’t buying it.

The difference in priorities and aspirations of the two candidates is now crystal clear. Romney has found his inner Reagan.

Obama said some things that unnerve me. When listing his accomplishments, he praised Race to the Top (RTTT), the top-down, one-size-fits-all federal mandate over education curriculum, which would more properly be handled by the states. He claimed RTTT has had an impact. Indeed it has, although in Massachusetts, adopting Common Core Standards has lowered our once exceptional education standards to mirror other states.

Obama bragged about the federal government taking control of the student loan industry from banks and lenders. He called this “cutting out the middle man.” Was he eliminating the middle man when he took over the auto industry? When he bypasses Congress to change laws by executive order, is he omitting the middle man? Or, how about when he took over 1/6 of the U.S. economy with his health care bill? Makes you wonder which middle man is next on the chopping block.

Just so we’re clear: What Obama considers among his greatest accomplishments are examples where he has granted unbridled power to the federal government!

On bipartisanship, Romney has clearly defined himself as the candidate with experience working across the aisle. With an 87% Democrat legislature as governor of Massachusetts , he accomplish such things as lowering taxes 19 times, cutting unnecessary programs, balancing the budget all 4 years and leaving $2 billion in the rainy day fund.

Alternatively, Obama forced through a health care bill by ignoring (even mocking) Republican opposition, dismissing the will of the people and bribing members of his own party. “My way or the highway” might work for toddlers and Third World dictators, but not for an American president.