Paying Attention! Radio, 9-22-12

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Tom Duggan, WCAP radio
Tom Duggan, WCAP radio

Today Tom and Paul talked about the indictments of Willie Lantigua’s administration, some audio clips of Former Methuen Town Manager Bob Leblanc who is now a hack for Lantigua. LeBlanc has been appearing on other shows NOT disclosing that Lantigua gave him legal work all the while he is out front promoting Lantigua’s propaganda as a neutral observer. 

Lawrence City Councilor Marc Laplante called in with BREAKING NEWS about State Overseer Bob Nunes from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, who is refusing to stop payment on indicted Deputy Police Chief Melix Bonilla despite Sate Law that mandates he do so.
Also calling into the show were Kevin Cuff candidate for State Representative in the 17th Essex District.The most compelling call today came from Harold Magoon who was named in the Eagle Tribune last week as one of the tipsters who was working with Lawrence Police to have a viscous drug Cartel in Lawrence swept up in a police raid on Lawrence St. in Lawrence. MaGoon talked about how difficult it has been for him and his family since Eagle Tribune “reporter” Mark Vogler printed his name as one of those who were cooperating with police.
A quick discussion about Elizabeth Warren and her racist tax policies and SO MUCH MORE today!