What to Expect From a Donald Trump Administration ~ PAYING ATTENTION with Tom Duggan

By: Tom Duggan – Nov. 2016

banner11-16With all the media lies and misrepresentations about Donald Trump before the election, it’s hard to know what was real and what was just made-up, anti-Trump hysteria. So, what will Donald Trump do as president? Nobody really knows the answer to that since he has never been elected to anything and doesn’t really have a political ideology other than being an avowed capitalist.

ON IMMIGRATION DEPORTATIONS AND THE WALL: The media and Democrat Party lie about Donald Trump on immigration is that he hates Latinos, called Mexicans a bunch of rapists and wants to deport all Latinos.

The truth is, Trump never said all Mexicans were rapists, and never wanted to deport “Latinos” or “Mexicans”. The reality is, Trump will build a physical wall on the southern border with Mexico to stop the flow of drugs, guns, illegal aliens, slave merchants and criminals from flowing into the country in such large numbers. And yes, he will get Mexico to pay for the wall. He will also double the funding for border patrol and turn back illegals the minute they are caught.

He will most likely deport illegal aliens with criminal records on day one with an executive order. He is also quite likely to deport illegal aliens who have come here more recently.

SANCTUARY CITIES – Trump will stop all federal funding for sanctuary cities like Lawrence, Massachusetts and San Francisco, CA. A sanctuary city is one which offers sanctuary to illegal aliens who commit major felonies like rape, murder, or domestic violence. Police departments in sanctuary cities are forbidden from turning over such violent felons to the feds for deportation.
By Trump withholding federal funds to such cities, local officials like Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera and the Lawrence City Council will have a decision to make come January. Either they will be able to run their city without federal dollars, or they can’t.

If they can’t (and we all know they can’t) they will have to stop being a sanctuary city and let the Lawrence police drain the swamp of illegal aliens who are also violent felons.

Trump also says illegals who come back into the country after being deported will be put in prison before being deported again. Each additional time they get caught illegally entering the country, their prison sentence will increase.

trumpCITIZENSHIP – Trump says he will be happy to give citizenship to illegal aliens if they go back home and apply, and stand in line like everyone else. But, he also wants to make it much easier to come here legally with less waiting time and less red tape. Look for most of this to happen in his first year. Remember, Republicans won the House and the Senate. That means most of what Trump wants to do will get approved by both houses rather quickly.

MUSLIMS – While Donald Trump did say at one time that he would stop Muslims from immigrating to the country, he has long backed off on that position. Trump said as late as the night before the election, that he would stop immigration from countries that “hate us” and or have serious problems with Muslim terrorists. He will immediately suspend the Syrian refugee program which has brought thousands of people from the epicenter of the ISIS homeland to our own neighborhoods here at home. Trump has talked about “extreme vetting” of refugees that are allowed in so that we know who they are and where they are really coming from.

epsteinfinalonlineOBAMACARE – One of the things the media got right about Donald Trump is his stand on Obamacare. He said that on his first day he will begin the process of doing away with it, and creating a health care system with lower deductibles, more choice of doctors and plans, and competition among insurance companies across state lines. It will most likely be a version of the previous plan floated in the Republican House.

TAXES – There is no doubt that with a Republican Congress and a mandate by the American people, Trump is going to lower the corporate tax to 15% and will lower other taxes such as the death tax and personal income tax.

ABORTION AND THE SUPREME COURT – We really don’t know what Trump will do with a Supreme Court pick now that he has actually won the election. If he keeps his word, he will appoint strict constitutionalist judges who will apply the constitution as written and intended by those who wrote it. That means justices appointed by Trump will most likely overturn Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court case that declared the right of abortion on demand up to birth as a constitutional right. When that happens, the question of abortion will be left up to each state as the constitution initially intended.

As for federal funding of abortion, Trump says he will stop it and he probably will, including defunding the abortion industry’s biggest abortion mill, Planned Parenthood.

GUNS: He was supported by the National Rifle Association early on and has promised he will appoint judges that support the original intent of the 2nd amendment; the right of the individual to bear arms. Trump will do away with gun free zones, especially schools and government buildings. His Supreme Court picks, if true to form, will preserve the second amendment.

EDUCATION – Trump says he supports returning education spending and curriculum decisions to the local school boards and will end the federal Common Core system. He also believes in expanding charter schools. If Trump keeps his word, local schools should see more education funding for local school committees to spend. He will also downsize the US Department of Education.

INDICTING HILLARY CLINTON – Trump’s main battle cry during the campaign was that Hillary Clinton broke the law and should be in jail. If President Obama doesn’t pardon her first, Trump will be poised to appoint an attorney general who will prosecute Hillary Clinton and most likely a lot of other people involved in (what is seen as) the cover up of her emails, pay to play scams involving the Clinton Foundation and maybe even President Obama.

LAW ENFORCEMENT – It is not beyond the realm of possibility that a Trump Attorney General will stop the Justice Department’s war on local police officers over the random incidents of white police officers killing black criminals.

Trump has stood with law enforcement against the domestic terror group “Black Lives Matter” that is responsible for the murder of at least ten police officers in Dallas, Baton Rouge, and New York City. Under Obama, those who use racism claims in order to commit civil unrest were encouraged by the president, often siding against the cops before knowing any of the facts. Trump will do the opposite.

Also, while the Obama administration has taken from police needed, defensive, military equipment (like bullet proof vests, helmets, bullet proof vehicles, etc) Trump say he will re-equip local police departments with the tools they need to deal with the intensity of the crime on our city streets.

He is also likely to push to make the murder of a police office a federal offense.

VETERANS AND THE VA – Trump would be smart to put real veterans in charge of the VA and put in place a system where veterans get a health care card that is accepted at any health care facility in the country. That is what he said he wants to do and with a Republican Congress, and an impressive list of military veterans at his disposal, there is no reason he can’t get it done pretty quickly.

You can also look for Trump to completely overhaul the military and veterans benefits system.