Zappala Releases new Book

  Attorney Alfred M. Zappala is pleased to announce the imminent release of his third book on Sicily, “Figghiu Beddu”. The book is already available as a Kindle download from .The soft cover book will be available at The book, which will be released in three weeks, takes a humorous and serious look […]

Political Will Needed in Lawrence Government

By: Joe D’Amore – December 2012   With headlines announcing Grand Jury indictments of two city officials and the already completed take- over of Lawrence public schools many are suggesting comprehensive receivership of the City of Lawrence is warranted. For an assessment of this possibility the major precedent for state control of a municipality is […]

Son of Dead Holy Family Patient Takes Aim at LeapFrog Group Rating of Hospital

Son of Dead Holy Family Patient Takes Aim at LeapFrog Group Rating of Hospital

In what is a continuation of his efforts to seek justice for his mother, Helen Marie Bousquet, Brian Evans will stop at nothing.  Evans originally contacted the “LeapFrog” group, who claims to be a non-profit organization (the executive salaries are displayed no where on their website). It’s CEO, Leah Binder, wrote Evans a letter advising […]

Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

  By: Tony Ferrao – December 2012 Ah, yes! That wonderful time of the year when we loosen the belt and get ready for some great eatin’! Unfortunately, the wonderful comfort foods that bring back nostalgia can also lead to unwanted pounds. Not the holiday “gift” many are looking for. Here are some tips to […]

The Redefining of America

  By: Peter Larocque – December 2012 What we all witnessed early Wednesday morning, November 7, 2012, the day after the election for the Presidency of the United States of America, didn’t just begin a few days before. It was a long time in the making. I have listened to many reasons, countless amounts of […]

Managing Chronic Diseases

By: Susan Poludniak – December 2012 In 2008, Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley, Inc. and Hebrew SeniorLife joined forces to be a leader in the dissemination of evidence based healthy living programs for consumers and to create the Healthy Living Center of Excellence. “We have seen the benefits of our workshops occur in thousands […]

Playing the Class Envy Card

  By: Ralph Wilbur – December 2012 The difference between the tax rate on earned income versus the rate on income generated from capital gains has lent some success to Obama’s “envy the rich” campaign. It has given Democrats the edge in demagoguery by implying that millionaires like Warren Buffett get taxed less than their […]

Do Wise Men Still Seek Him?

  By: Paul Murano – December 2012 Each year at Christmas we are reminded of the birth of a man who is by far the most influential person that ever walked the earth. Our calendar separates the pre-Christian era from the Christian era of world history. The world’s number one best selling book tells of Jesus’ story, […]

Municipal Tax Rates and Surpluses

By: Bill Manzi, III – December, 2012 Municipal budgeting, like most everything in government that relates to taxation, has become highly politicized. And like much that occurs in budgeting those politics, in many instances, show that budgetary doublespeak is not restricted to federal politicians. Municipal budgets are set to a “fiscal year”, which runs from […]

North Andover Fire Dept. 4th Annual Toy Drive for Local Children in Need

  By: Tracy Zysk- December, 2012 Matt Davis and the North Andover Fire Department will be hosting their “4th Annual Toy Drive for Local Children.” Firefighter Matt Davis started this drive four years ago with a vision that every child would wake up Christmas morning with a toy. No child should go without. Working with […]

Holiday Decorating Tips For A House With Pets

Holiday Decorating Tips For A House With Pets

By Tracey Zysk – December, 2012 During the holidays, your household might be a little more crazier than usual with kids anticipating the BIG VISIT, house guests stopping over, decorations everywhere and lots of extra excitement. In fact it can be quite chaotic. Animals feed off of all the extra energy. Take a few extra precautions […]

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