Drug, Competency Testing Long Overdue

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL February, 2005 Why do we hire public employees? Is it to have them perform an important service that the public requires, or is it to provide the employees a guaranteed paycheck and great benefits? All too often, it seems that we are more concerned with providing employment than we are with ensuring […]

Iraqis Shame Elitist Democrats

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL FEBRUARY, 2005 Arabs don’t value freedom. Western civilization shouldn’t try to impose itself on Arab societies. The Arab street prefers dictatorships and can’t be trusted to vote. The Iraqi people are not ready for Democracy. It’s all about oil. And on and on, ad nauseam, the Democrats, once supporters of human rights, […]

Public School Drug Testing Should be Mandataory

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL FEBRUARY 2005 The 2003 Youth Risk Survey found that 1 in 6 Haverhill High School students (17%) are using hard drugs. In response, Haverhill School Committee member Scott Wood, Jr. has proposed drug testing students. As a 2001 Haverhill High graduate himself, Wood has been close enough to see the seriousness of the problem. He believes […]

Drug, Competency Testing Long Overdue

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL January, 2005  The attitude is pervasive. When North Andover was considering a $4 million override several years ago, a Finance Committee member publicly stated, “Our number one objective is to NOT cut any jobs.” Really? We thought that public safety and education might come in first?  While that story is now old, […]

Representative L’Italien Stop Using The Church

Representative L’Italien Stop Using The Church

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL  December, 2004   State Representative Barbara L’Italien has consistently supported two public policies that violate the teachings and core doctrine of the Catholic Church, abortion and gay marriage.  Last month, while staunchly defending her right to espouse these anti-Catholic positions, she publicly attacked pro-life activists who were holding a sign that read […]

Republicans Must Stand & Deliver

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL November, 2004 The voters have spoken. Republicans have been entrusted with the power to establish and direct government policy. President Bush won a clear victory in both the popular vote and the Electoral College. The Senate is now 55% Republican and the House of Representatives has a 53-54% Republican majority. Republican Governors […]


VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL October, 2004 LAWRENCE – In the towns of Andover and North Andover, candidates running for office are not allowed into the senior centers to campaign. These are public facilities, paid for and operated with public funds. Seniors (usually the most active voters) go there to congregate, have fun, and get important information […]


VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL September, 2004 John Kerry and the democrats have long touted the myth that the presidents’ education initiative “No Child Left Behind Act” (NCLB) isn’t funded and “leaves kids behind”. In fact, it was a mantra at the Democrat National Convention and the media has consistently reported the charge as fact.  But, a […]

Wheels of Justice or Wheels of Hate?

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL May, 2004    “Wheels of Justice” is an organization made up of individuals who disguise themselves as an advocates of “peace” and love for all. They were recruited to speak to two sophomore classes at North Andover High School by history teacher Barry Humphreys, who didn’t clear it with Superintendent Harry Harutunian […]

Torture at the Hands of the IRS

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL   April, 2004 While working on your Federal tax returns you may come across the following general rule taken verbatim from Title 26, Subtitle A, Chapter 1, Subchapter Q, Part II, Section 1311 (a): General rule — If a determination (as defined in section 1313) is described in one or more of […]

Let the Market Dictate Insurance Rates

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL   March, 2004  Mayor Sullivan wants the legislature to modify the formula for auto insurance rates. The solution lies not in tinkering with government regulations, but in eliminating them.  Massachusetts’ legislators have been trying to engineer our auto insurance system for decades and they just can’t seem it get it right. But […]

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