Lawrence School Committee uses State Tax Dollars on Cell Phones…for Themselves   By: Tom Duggan – July, 2004   LAWRENCE- In the first three parts of this series, The Valley Patriot reported that Lawrence School Committee members had:  1) wasted thousands of dollars on lavish meals at the One Mill Street restaurant at state taxpayers’ […]

Common Sense School Reform

Frederick Hess, Beacon Hill Institute – June, 2004 (Guest Columnist)   A Measure of the Need for Reform America’s schools are in a state of crisis. Few of our schools are excellent, many are mediocre, and yet we, the adults responsible, are content to tinker and theorize. Demands for radical change are consistently met by protestations […]

Wheels of Justice or Wheels of Hate?

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL May, 2004    “Wheels of Justice” is an organization made up of individuals who disguise themselves as an advocates of “peace” and love for all. They were recruited to speak to two sophomore classes at North Andover High School by history teacher Barry Humphreys, who didn’t clear it with Superintendent Harry Harutunian […]

Lawrence School Committee Trip Included Stay at Walt Disney World

Lawrence School Committee Trip Included Stay at Walt Disney World

By: Tom Duggan – May, 2004    While other communities in the Merrimack Valley are counting every penny and making difficult cuts to services and personnel, foregoing luxuries like out-of-state travel, and appealing to the state for more funding, the Lawrence School Committee appears not to have similar concerns.   Last month, while no other superintendent […]

Let the Market Dictate Insurance Rates

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL   March, 2004  Mayor Sullivan wants the legislature to modify the formula for auto insurance rates. The solution lies not in tinkering with government regulations, but in eliminating them.  Massachusetts’ legislators have been trying to engineer our auto insurance system for decades and they just can’t seem it get it right. But […]

Lawrence Forces Injured Officers to Sue For Disability Benefits Due Them

Just Who or What is Meditrol Inc.?   By: Tom Duggan (originally published in 2003,  The only people who seem to care about the answer to that question are the politicians and the men and women of the Lawrence Police Department.  Meditrol Inc., is a billing and management company that contracts with the City […]

Hack Squad Comes Out for Mike Sullivan

By: Tom Duggan – August, 2001 Originally published on line on  Mayoral candidate Mike Sullivan held a fund raiser last week at the Lawrence British Club on Cambridge Street. Almost every political hack in the city was in attendance. City workers from almost every department in city hall packed the club in order show […]

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