City Approves Sal Lupoli’s $100 Million Retail Development on Merrimack Street

City Approves Sal Lupoli’s $100 Million Retail Development on Merrimack Street

Slated to Bring 2,000 New Jobs to Lawrence   By: Tom Duggan  February 2, 2009  The Lawrence Historical Commission voted Tuesday evening to approve the demolition of two buildings on Merrimack Street in Lawrence owned by Sal Lupol of Salvatore’s Restaurant, at Sal’s Riverwalk Properties, making way for a multi-million dollar development at the site […]

City settles lawsuit for $610,000 over computer porn

City settles lawsuit for $610,000 over computer porn

City Clerk’s Internet Porn, Harassment Cost City Thousands By: Tom Duggan – January, 2008 Lawrence’s former assistant city clerk, Jennifer Padellaro, settled her workers’ compensation claims as well as her federal lawsuit against the City of Lawrence last month for $610,000. A settlement conference (called a lump sum conference) took place at the Industrial Accident […]

City Council Must Stop Playing Games and Follow the Law (opinion)

PLANNING FOR YOUR FUTURE By: Michael Sweeney (December, 2007) Lawrence Planning Director   “Truth is generally the best vindication against slander.” -President Abraham Lincoln  Good call there by President Lincoln. Unfortunately, under the weak-armed rule of Patrick Blanchette, truth has been replaced in the city council chambers by slander and personal attacks.  The truth is […]

Criminals and Cop Haters “Educate” the ACLU

How People Hear What They Want to Hear  Paying Attention! With Tom Duggan By Tom Duggan – May, 2007 Last month the ACLU came to Lawrence for a meeting with citizens who had a beef with the Lawrence police. Packed in the large function room at “Casa Dominicana” on Essex St. were criminals, malcontents, racists […]

Fix the Lawrence Fountain NOW!

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL   September, 2006 For years the people of Lawrence and visitors to the city have enjoyed the majesty of a giant fountain at the corner of South Union St. and Winthrop Avenue. And for years the DPW has neglected to adequately fix up that fountain when it fell into disrepair.  Now DPW […]


VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL   April, 2006 Last week a few hundred illegal aliens and their collaborators held an illegal protest on the streets of Lawrence. What exactly were they protesting? They were protesting America’s laws, which requires that they go through a legal process before entering the United States. But it wasn’t just in Lawrence. […]

H Y P O C R I S Y!

H Y P O C R I S Y!

    By: Tom Duggan – February, 2005 LAWRENCE – After years of complaining about Lawrence residents not being considered for top positions at City Hall, City Councilors rejected lifelong Lawrence resident David Camasso by a vote of 5-4 to be the city’s new Comptroller.  Nearly two dozen city residents and community activists turned out […]

Why Lawrence High School Really Lost Accreditation

Originally published on (02-08-00) PAYING ATTENTION! WITH TOM DUGGAN   Before there was a Valley Patriot (established in 2004) there was, a blog before there were blogs, a news webpage before there were news webpages. Long before there was an Eagle Tribune web page or a there was a Valley Patriot Publisher […]

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