The Road to Beacon Hill is Paved with Mediocre Intentions

  By: Karin Rhoton – June, 2012 Somehow the rhetoric never changes, even though the calendar does. Another year has gone by and still the taxpayers of Massachusetts continue to fund pet projects of politicians instead of funding services and programs for the communities in which they live. Still the taxpayers have not seen the […]

Celtics Honor North Andover Teen for Disability Awareness

    March, 2012 The Boston Celtics and the Mass State Lottery presented North Andover high school student Nathan Richards, (17) with a “Heroes Among Us” award at the March 4th Celtics game. Richards, an Easter Seals youth leader, was honored for starting a disability awareness program at North Andover Middle School. He also has testified on Beacon Hill […]

Redistricting for 2012: Haverhill, Lawrence, Andover, North Andover

  By: Jamison Tomasek – November, 2011 The results of the Massachusetts legislature’s redistricting commission, at least as far as the House and Senate are concerned, are official. In a fair world we would have legislative districts that represent a common interest and have geographic integrity, but no one has ever called the political environment […]

DiZoglio Discusses Voter ID

  By: Diana Dizoglio – July, 2012   About a year ago, I wrote an article regarding civic engagement and community involvement. The article was inspired out of my encounter with a group of high school honor students from the Merrimack Valley. In the piece, I discussed the lack of understanding that the students seemed […]

Happy Father’s Day

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL   June, 2011 Father’s Day is June 19th. It’s a day to celebrate fathers all across the country. It is a day to spend time with the man who cared for you, protected you, raised you, guided you, loved you, made personal sacrifices for you, and tried to point you in the […]

Random, Mostly Non-Political Observations about The Valley

Random, Mostly Non-Political Observations about The Valley

By: Jamison Tomasek – June, 2011 I noticed from Facebook the number of people that grew up in Lawrence and settled in the Merrimack Valley is very high. While this might not just be a Lawrence thing, it seems particularly pronounced here. The Lawrence Diaspora (migration) doesn’t seem like a random scattering. Almost everyone who […]

Can Lawrence Mayor Willie Lantigua Survive?

Can Lawrence Mayor Willie Lantigua Survive?

By: Tom Duggan, June, 2011 With several law enforcement agencies investigating the finances and political dealings of Lawrence Mayor Willie Lantigua, and the Boston media finally waking up to his political shenanigans, the question most people are asking is: can Lantigua survive?  Let me start by saying that I’ve known and studied the political genius […]

Selectman Don Stewart: I’ve Been Offered Bribes

 North Andover Selectman Says North Andover is Corrupt   By: Tom Duggan – March, 2011 NORTH ANDOVER – Last month former North Andover Selectman Don Stewart called into the Paying Attention! radio program with Tom Duggan on WHAV.NET to discuss his campaign to recapture a seat on the board. He faces two incumbents: Tracy Watson […]

Fitness Together Donations Exceed $50,000 To American Diabetes Association of Eastern New England

By: Tracey Zysk ,January, 2011 Personal trainers help clients with diabetes improve their health and wellness. North Andover, Mass. – (December 20, 2010) – The Fitness Together Massachusetts Owners Group, including the local North Andover Fitness Together studio which specializes in one-on-one personal training, is proud to announce it has raised more than $50,000 for […]