In this Holiday Season, Remember the empty seat…

By: Austin Roy, Teen Columnist – December, 2010 Remember this Christmas; When you’re eating your dinners, smiling and laughing, remember that somewhere, in another house there’s an empty chair where a hero should be sitting. Those Heroes gave up their life so you can sit with your family. So light a candle for the Heroes that […]

Hope and Change

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL NOVEMBER, 2010   Election night 2010 was stunning for many here in Massachusetts, but the results were not always what we hoped for. Many of us worked hard on campaigns, taking time away from families and jobs to help elect our favorite candidates. When the candidates we worked for were defeated, it […]

Karyn Polito tours North Andover, Addresses Torissi attacks

 Candidate for Massachusetts State Treasurer Karyn Polito By: Tom Duggan – October, 2010 The Valley Patriot caught up with Karyn Polito touring North Andover last month where Valley Patriot editor Tom Duggan asked her about the viscous personal attack Rep. David Torissi launched against her in Lawrence during the Mount Vernon Neighborhood Association debate. Tom […]

Torissi desperate to hold on to Rep. Seat

Kevin Begley talks issues while Torissi launches personal attacks   By: Tom Duggan – October, 2010   A debate was held between State Rep. Dave Torissi and his Republican challenger Kevin Begley at the Frost School in Lawrence last month. The debate was sponsored by the Mount Vernon Neighborhood Association. State Rep. Dave Torissi: “Most […]

For Those About to Vote, We Salute You!

For Those About to Vote, We Salute You!

  By: Christine Morabito – October, 2010 I’m absolutely humbled by the Tea Party and what they have been able to accomplish over the past 18 months. Not bad for a haphazard group of disaffected citizens who have been called irrelevant and were never expected to sustain momentum until the November elections. It is my […]

Rep. Torrisi attacks N. Andover constituents, American Citizens

    By: Tom Duggan – June, 2010   NORTH ANDOVER – State Representative David Torissi says he is proud of his record of representing illegal aliens. In a letter he sent to a constituent last month he clearly states his opposition to a measure that would have cut off all state funding for illegal […]

EPA: Untreated Raw Sewage Flowing into Shawsheen

  By; Tom Duggan – June, 2010   The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has sent a letter to Lawrence DPW Director Frank McCann (right) informing the City of Lawrence that the EPA has first hand knowledge that the city is pumping wastewater (human waste) into the Shawsheen River. According to documents obtained by The Valley […]

State Senator Bruce Tarr, Doggie Hero

  By: Tracy Zysk – April, 2010 Woof ! Woof ! Woof ! Every dog in Massachusetts sends a BARK of THANKS to Sen. Bruce Tarr. ( R) That’s right our boy Sen. Bruce Tarr not only did the right thing for the animals of Essex County but for the entire State of Massachusetts. On […]

Get your Sex on!

Stay At Home Dads By: Pete Baylies – February, 2010   Another source of tension for at-home dads and their working partners is lack of intimacy. While you may have thought that with the new arrangement there would be less craziness in your lives, it can still be exhausting for both of you. This on […]

The Holidays in North Andover, Massachusetts

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL   December, 2009 One of the reasons the entire Valley Patriot editorial board loves living in North Andover is because the town has never bowed down to political correctness. We’d drive by the common during the holidays and enjoy seeing a Jewish menorah and Christmas tree. We also enjoyed passing the “Merry […]

Public Deserves Answers From School Committee Chair

Public Deserves Answers From School Committee Chair

Paying Attention! with Tom Duggan October, 2008 Last May the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) notified the North Andover Public Schools that their high school was being put on warning of losing its accreditation. But, it wasn’t until August 25th that North Andover Superintendent of Schools, Marini notified the public that the […]

Silence of town officials at N.A. Special Town Meeting is Unacceptable

Silence of town officials at N.A. Special Town Meeting is Unacceptable

    Sandy Gleed     This Monday’s special town meeting demonstrated far more about the shortcomings of municipal government than it did about the average citizen’s desire to exert control over wireless communications. The wireless article sparked very legitimate concerns about:  * our town’s failure to monitor current cell tower permits * our town’s […]