Valley Students Attend Pre-boot Camp Training

By: Tom Duggan – June, 2011 Local U.S. Marine recruiters in The Valley got their first look at the latest batch of recruits last month at Ft. Devans Army Base in Massachusetts. The new recruits, called “poolees” (recruits yet to attend basic training) were put through preliminary training to get them ready for the extensive […]

Reyes Demands Lantgua Pay Back School Funds

  By; Tom Duggan – May, 2011   Lawrence School Committeeman Sammy Reyes (District D) has written a scathing letter to the city council demanding that education funds (which were used for city services) be repaid to the school children of Lawrence. In his letter, Reyes threatens to turn in the Lantigua administration for misappropriation […]

Welcome to Obama’s Grand Libyan Adventure

Welcome to Obama’s Grand Libyan Adventure

  By: Jeff Katz – April, 2011 And we’re off on Obama’s grand Libyan adventure. After weeks of dithering, golfing and vacationing the pretender in chief finally decided to do something about Libya. He truly seemed confused about the proper course of action and so he did what he is best at, he blamed George […]

Haverhill Chooses Jim Scully to head schools

SCULLY RETURNS!     By: Tom Duggan – February, 2011 When Lawrence School Superintendent Jim Scully was fired by the School Committee back in 1997, the injustices were numerous. He was accused of misspending public dollars by a School Committee that had approved every single expenditure they fired him for. The press, in particular Boston […]

Lawrence Fire Chief Murphy exposes treatment of Firefighters by Mayor Lantigua

Fire Chief Resigns at Council Meeting, opposes taking job out of Civil Service… Council Backs Mayor By: Tom Duggan, February, 2011 After months of personal attacks and shoddy treatment by the Lantigua administration, Lawrence Fire Chief Murphy spoke out at a Lawrence City Council meeting last month saying he opposed taking the Chief’s job out […]

An interview with Senator Steve Baddour

Senator talks about the Ward Hill Bridge, legislative priorities for 2011   State Senator Steve Baddour appeared on the Paying Attention! radio program with Tom Duggan and Paul Murano on WHAV.NET to discuss the Ward Hill Bridge. Tom Duggan: I know that you are head of the transportation committee in the Senate … can you […]

Study on Parolees in Mass: Parolees offend more than those who serve out their sentence

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Massachusetts Recidivism Study reflects a collaborative effort between the Urban Institute’s Justice Policy Center and the Massachusetts Department of Correction (DOC) to closely examine factors contributing to recidivism, with three interrelated study components: an analysis of DOC administrative data and recidivism, parole officer focus groups, and interviews of recidivists as they return […]

In Wake of Woburn Officer Jack Maguire’s Murder by Parolee

In Wake of Woburn Officer Jack Maguire’s Murder by Parolee

Baddour Calls on Parole Board to Resign   By: Tom Duggan – January, 2011  Parole Board Must Resign State Senators Steve Baddour (D) Methuen and Bruce Tarr (R) Glocester, say that the killing of Woburn Police Officer Jack Maguire at the hands of Dominic Cinelli, a man set free by Governor Deval Patrick’s Parole Board […]

Paul Adams Answers Bogus Eagle Tribune Story on His Finances

  By; State Representative Paul Adams – December, 2010 An Eagle Tribune story last month called into question the source of campaign money spent by State Representative-elect Paul Adams and even insinuated that he lied about his background and work experience prior to the election. Adams issued this press release a few days later, and, […]

Paying Attention! Radio Program returns to the airwaves

By: Paula Porten Valley Patriot president and founder Tom Duggan announced last week on his Facebook page that the Paying Attention! Radio Program, has been picked up by WHAV radio in Haverhill and now airs on Wednesday nights from 6-9PM. WHAV broadcasts on 1640AM radio as well as live internet streaming on WHAV.TV, Cable […]

GOP Makes Gains, Doubles Reps. in Mass. House

GOP Makes Gains, Doubles Reps. in Mass. House

  By: David Trumbull – November, 2010   While nationally the Republicans picked up about 60 seats, and control, in the United States House of Representatives, here in Massachusetts a tide of Republican support doubled the size of the GOP caucus in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. On Election Day Republicans held 15 of the 160 […]