Five of ten mayoral candidates fail to file campaign finances

Five of ten mayoral candidates fail  to file campaign finances

  By: Tom Duggan – October, 2009 Only half of the ten candidates running for mayor in Lawrence filed their campaign finances reports with Lawrence City clerk Billy Maloney by the September 15th deadline before the primary. By state law, candidates for all municipal offices must record and file a detailed accounting of all money raised and spent on […]

City Council Must Stop Playing Games and Follow the Law (opinion)

PLANNING FOR YOUR FUTURE By: Michael Sweeney (December, 2007) Lawrence Planning Director   “Truth is generally the best vindication against slander.” -President Abraham Lincoln  Good call there by President Lincoln. Unfortunately, under the weak-armed rule of Patrick Blanchette, truth has been replaced in the city council chambers by slander and personal attacks.  The truth is […]

Actions Speak Louder Than Platitudes

Our Missing State Legislators When Northern Essex Needed Them PAYING ATTENTION WITH TOM DUGGAN   By Tom Duggan – July, 2006 Every two years the voters of Lawrence have to endure the platitudes of politicians like Barry Finegold, Dave (Where-is-HE) Torrisi and State Senator Sue Tucker crowing about how they are “friends of higher education.” […]

Lawrence City Council Circus Delays NECCO Expansion Plan

    By: Tom Duggan – June, 2006 It was the usual circus at last nights meeting of the Lawrence City Council’s Housing Committee as Councilor Nilka Alvarez, (who is supposed to chair the meeting), completely lost control, allowing the meeting to degenerate into name calling, accusations of racism, a spate of misinformation, and a […]

Laboy Endorses School Committeeman for City Council

Laboy Endorses School Committeeman for City Council

PAYING ATTENTION EXTRA Larger than expected crowd turns out for Jorge Gonzalez By: Tom Duggan – August 25, 2005 Lawrence School Committee member Jorge Gonzalez now enjoys the unique distinction of being the only candidate for any office in Lawrence to have been publicly endorsed by the Superintendent of Schools. Last Thursday Gonzalez, (who is in […]


VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL March, 2005  Little more than a year ago, The Valley Patriot was just an idea.  That idea was to provide an alternative voice for Merrimack Valley newsmakers and community leaders who were frustrated by the lack of adequate local coverage in other media outlets. We wanted to publish a newspaper that was different. […]

H Y P O C R I S Y!

H Y P O C R I S Y!

    By: Tom Duggan – February, 2005 LAWRENCE – After years of complaining about Lawrence residents not being considered for top positions at City Hall, City Councilors rejected lifelong Lawrence resident David Camasso by a vote of 5-4 to be the city’s new Comptroller.  Nearly two dozen city residents and community activists turned out […]

Blanchette Chosen as Council President Frechette elected Vice President in Lawrence

Vote Latino Campaign still Sore Spot with Some   By: Tom Duggan – January 2, 2004 Lawrence – District “A” (Prospect Hill) Councilor Patrick Blanchette was elected president of the Lawrence City Council Friday night after the swearing in of all new city officials. Blanchette faced opposition from Carlos Matos, a newcomer, who was nominated […]