HEROES IN OUR MIDST – Lawrence Cogswell, Valley Patriot of the Month Pt. 1

HEROES IN OUR MIDST – Lawrence Cogswell, Valley Patriot of the Month Pt. 1

By: Sidney Smith – May, 2015 When I recently learned that the local chapter of the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) was bringing an original flying Boeing B-17 WWII bomber to Lawrence Airport this May 22nd to May 25th, I was reminded of an acquaintance I had formed with a friend in West Newbury: Lawrence “Larry” […]

Hero in Our Midst – Haverhill’s John Katsaros and Code Burgandy

  Tech Sgt. James Moore, USAF It is now possible for us to remember a true patriot. Sworn to silence for a period of time, even to his own family, John Katsaros can finally reveal his story of perseverance, courage, and heroism to us. We hear stories about freedom fighters. However, an airman of this […]

Hero in Our Midst, Captain Thomas J. Hudner, Jr. U.S. Navy – Korean War, Medal of Honor

Valley Patriot of the Month By: Ted Tripp – May, 2007 CONCORD/ANDOVER – Tom Hudner was sitting in the commons area after lunch at Phillips Academy in Andover when word spread that the Japanese had just bombed Pearl Harbor. As with most young people of the era, he had no idea where Pearl Harbor was […]

Hero in Our Midst – Lieutenant Colonel Muriel Katschker, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve

Valley Patriot of the Month   By: Ted Tripp – January, 2007 NORTH ANDOVER – Muriel Katschker remembers well where she was on December 7, 1941. She was with her parents listening to the radio when the regular programming was interrupted by an announcer’s voice saying the Japanese had just attacked and bombed Pearl Harbor. […]

Hero in Our Midst – Joe Messina of Methuen – Hero in our Midst

By Ted Trip – July 05, 2006  METHUEN – Joe Messina was taking a shower below decks on the aircraft carrier USS Hancock after his Curtis SB2C Hell-diver returned from another grueling mission attacking Japanese shipping in Manila Bay.  Shortly after the ship’s General Quarters sounded, there was a tremendous explosion just over his head and […]

Hero in our Midst – Luther McIlwain, Tuskegee Airman, Part 2 – Valley Patriot of the Month

(READ PART 1) By: Ted Tripp – May, 2006 METHUEN – As 85-year-old Luther McIlwain slowly walks around the kitchen table in his Pleasant Valley home, it is obvious that this Tuskegee Airman has a lot more story to tell about his military experience during World War II. Each little parcel of information he shares […]

Hero in Our Midst – Tuskegee Airman Luther McIlwain, Part 1 – Valley Patriot of the Month

Read PART II By: Ted Tripp – April, 2006 METHUEN – Everyone meeting Luther McIlwain for the first time immediately realizes there is something special in the air. Even a short conversation with the 85 year-old veteran of World War II causes you to think about the greater social and political issues of our time. Every […]

Valley Patriot of the Month: Tech. Sergeant Jeremiah Sullivan ~ Hero in Our Midst

By: Dr. Charles Ormsby – January, 2005  A boyhood attraction to trains, electronic gadgets, and Morse code earned Jeremiah (Jerry) Sullivan a ticket to see Europe by air. Actually, it was numerous tickets; they were for a B-17, and the reception wasn’t very friendly. Jerry was born and grew up in Lawrence. He graduated from […]