Massachusetts House of Representatives: 2013 and 2014

By: State Rep. Linda Dean Campbell – January, 2014 Last year was a very productive year for our Legislature and 2014 will bring forth necessary and spirited debate on some key issues to include ballot initiatives. In 2013, the focus of the Legislature was upon the economy, transportation, welfare reform, regulating compounding pharmacies, election laws, […]

Mirra, Mirra, on the Hill (Beacon Hill that is…)

By: Lonnie Brennan – September, 2012   Local businessman Lenny Mirra rocked the newly organized 2nd Essex district topping the ticket in his attempt to bring balance to a lopsided, out-of-control state legislature. Newbury, West Newbury, Haverhill, Georgetown, Boxford, Groveland, and Merrimac are now perched to be ‘the’ battleground district in the northeast for an […]

Why I am Running for State Representative

  By: Kevin Cuff – July, 2012 Nearly forty years ago, my family taught me the values of civic RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY. As a member of our hometown School Committee, my mother took positions that, at the time, were extremely controversial, challenging and polarizing. Her perseverance taught me that everyone including your established school systems […]

Moran Answers Tough Questions in Bid for State Rep.

Moran Answers Tough Questions in Bid for State Rep.

Will not commit to quitting council or stepping down as council President if he wins   By: Valley Patriot Staff – May, 2012 Lawrence City Council President Frank Moran is a candidate for State Representative in the 17th Essex District. The newly created rep. district was created by the state legislature last year as a […]

Vote YOUR Values This November

THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX By: Dr. Charles Ormsby – October, 2010 Do you believe in personal responsibility, or do you want to be oppressively taxed to permit others to escape the consequences of their irresponsibility? Do you struggle to balance your family’s budget and try to save for the future while you see your taxes […]

Karyn Polito tours North Andover, Addresses Torissi attacks

 Candidate for Massachusetts State Treasurer Karyn Polito By: Tom Duggan – October, 2010 The Valley Patriot caught up with Karyn Polito touring North Andover last month where Valley Patriot editor Tom Duggan asked her about the viscous personal attack Rep. David Torissi launched against her in Lawrence during the Mount Vernon Neighborhood Association debate. Tom […]

Torissi desperate to hold on to Rep. Seat

Kevin Begley talks issues while Torissi launches personal attacks   By: Tom Duggan – October, 2010   A debate was held between State Rep. Dave Torissi and his Republican challenger Kevin Begley at the Frost School in Lawrence last month. The debate was sponsored by the Mount Vernon Neighborhood Association. State Rep. Dave Torissi: “Most […]

An interview with Senate Candidate Barry Finegold

An interview with Senate Candidate Barry Finegold

  By: Tom Duggan – September, 2010 State Representative Barry Finegold is a candidate for State Senate. Valley Patriot editor Tom Duggan interviewed him last month on the Paying Attention! Radio Program on WCAP in Lowell. Duggan asked Finegold about his vote in favor of a $35 million loan for Lawrence with no financial oversight. […]

Rep. Torrisi attacks N. Andover constituents, American Citizens

    By: Tom Duggan – June, 2010   NORTH ANDOVER – State Representative David Torissi says he is proud of his record of representing illegal aliens. In a letter he sent to a constituent last month he clearly states his opposition to a measure that would have cut off all state funding for illegal […]

The City of Lawrence has No Idea What is About to Hit Them

The City of Lawrence has No Idea What is About to Hit Them

  PAYING ATTENTION with Tom Duggan – November, 2009 Few people can really understand the magnitude of the changes that are about to occur in the City of Lawrence with the election of State Representative Willie Lantigua (da chief). Not only did Willie win an overwhelming victory on Election Day, but almost every one of […]

Slight of Hand With Taxpayer’s Property: Exactly Where Are Those City Computers Going?

PAYING ATTENTION! WITH TOM DUGGAN Originally published on (3-3-02)      Before there was a Valley Patriot (established in 2004) there was, a blog before there were blogs, a news webpage before there were news webpages. Long before there was an Eagle Tribune web page or a there was a Valley Patriot […]