Show your I.D. to vote: protect the process

  By: Ralph Zazula – October, 2010 A bipartisan citizen’s initiative called “Show ID to Vote” has been created in Massachusetts to address fraudulent voting across the USA. Through increased awareness it seeks to improve the integrity of the vote in the upcoming elections this November and beyond. By simply suggesting that voters voluntarily Show […]

Spaying and neutering is so important

PUPPY LOVE WITH KATE WHITNEY     By: PuppyGirl Kate Whitney – October, 2010 Spaying and neutering has become “the norm” for today’s pet owners, but how many of you do it because it’s “the right thing to do” and don’t really know why it is the right thing to do? For anyone that does […]

Democrat State Senator Steve Baddour Defends Tea Party

  Sen. Baddour a Frequent Attendee At Tea Party Meetings By: Tom Duggan – October 08, 2010 Democrat State Senator Steve Baddour of Methuen has been seen networking and even speaking at Merrimack Valley Tea Party meetings in Andover, and North Andover. Given the hostility that leaders in his own political have for the Tea […]

Get Rid of Calculators

THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX EXTRA By: Dr. Charles Ormsby – October, 2010 ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN THE NY TIMES In my experience teaching college freshmen, my sense is that the average level of academic rigor in our public schools has fallen significantly over the past five decades. Even in wealthy communities, only a fraction of parents […]

Vote YOUR Values This November

THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX By: Dr. Charles Ormsby – October, 2010 Do you believe in personal responsibility, or do you want to be oppressively taxed to permit others to escape the consequences of their irresponsibility? Do you struggle to balance your family’s budget and try to save for the future while you see your taxes […]

They Came to Honor Pangi

  By: Tom Duggan – October, 2010 Last month hundreds of friends supporters and elected officials gathered at the Meadow Creek Golf Club in Dracut to honor the outgoing State Senator Steve Panagiotakos who announced earlier this year that he would not be seeking reelection after 21 consecutive years as an elected official. Flanked by […]

Dracut’s Mainstream Media Lost its Integrity and Its Audience

    By: D.J. Deeb – October, 2010 Perhaps the title of this column should be, “The Importance of Studying Several Different Sources Before Making a Decision”, but I just found it fascinating at this past June Town Meeting how Dracut’s various media outlets and Internet blogs handled a certain warrant article, which I felt […]

Karyn Polito tours North Andover, Addresses Torissi attacks

 Candidate for Massachusetts State Treasurer Karyn Polito By: Tom Duggan – October, 2010 The Valley Patriot caught up with Karyn Polito touring North Andover last month where Valley Patriot editor Tom Duggan asked her about the viscous personal attack Rep. David Torissi launched against her in Lawrence during the Mount Vernon Neighborhood Association debate. Tom […]

Charlie Baker: I will put Lawrence into receivership

Baker says if elected, Lantigua will not manage city finances  Candidate for Governor Tells Tea Party Lantigua not Fit By: Tom Duggan – October, 2010 Earlier this year, Lawrence Mayor Willie Lantigua partitioned the state legislature to borrow $35Mil claiming there was a $24Mil. deficit in the city’s budget. Governor Deval Patrick wrote House Bill 4421 […]

Patrick Blanchette fined $20,000 for taking money from campaign

Blanchette is Mayor Lantigua’s Economic Development Director and Former City Council President By: Tom Duggan – October, 2010 The State Office of Campaign Finance (OCPF) has fined former Lawrence City Council President Patrick Blanchette $20,000 for taking money from his city council campaign account going back to 2006 among other violations. Blanchette has admitted to […]

Torissi desperate to hold on to Rep. Seat

Kevin Begley talks issues while Torissi launches personal attacks   By: Tom Duggan – October, 2010   A debate was held between State Rep. Dave Torissi and his Republican challenger Kevin Begley at the Frost School in Lawrence last month. The debate was sponsored by the Mount Vernon Neighborhood Association. State Rep. Dave Torissi: “Most […]

Welcome Back Police Chief Solomon

We Predicted his illegal Firing would lead to his return and it has Valley Patriot Editorial October, 2010   Love him or hate him, Methuen Police Chief Joe Solomon may not be a saint, but he is certainly not the demon he was made out to be by The Eagle~Tribune and others when he was […]

For Those About to Vote, We Salute You!

For Those About to Vote, We Salute You!

  By: Christine Morabito – October, 2010 I’m absolutely humbled by the Tea Party and what they have been able to accomplish over the past 18 months. Not bad for a haphazard group of disaffected citizens who have been called irrelevant and were never expected to sustain momentum until the November elections. It is my […]