PLEASE! Touch our Junk!

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL DECEMBER – 2010   Now, which plane would you rather fly on, the plane with no pat downs and no x-ray screenings, or the one with inconvenient, extensive pat downs and “advanced imaging technology,” (also known as a full-body scanner)? Well, we know which one Muslim terrorists who wants to commit jihad […]

Local, National Leaders Honored For Protecting Children

By: Laurie Myers – November, 2010 Community VOICES a Victims’ Rights organization whose mission it is to raise awareness of child sexual abuse, missing and exploited children and Internet predators honored the Littleton Massachusetts Police Department with the Community VOICES Jeffrey Curley Dedicated Service Award. They received this award for their exemplary performance in 2009 […]

Aggravated Assaults Keep Rising in Lawrence

    By: Tom Duggan – November, 2010 LAWRENCE, MA: Reductions in the Lawrence Police Department continue to negatively impact crime in that City. Aggravated assaults climbed 94% for the months of July-September 2010 as compared to the same period in 2009. “The loss of 41 police officers and the dismantling of the various specialty […]

A Call to Respect Our Public Safety Officials

  By: Marc LaPlante – Lawrence City Councilor – November, 2010 The following is from a prepared statement given to the Lawrence City Council by Councilor Marc LaPlante two days before the story above took place. Lawrence’s Mayor Lantigua laid off 25 police officers earlier this year after borrowing $35 million and gave raises to people in […]

Former Mayor Sullivan speaks out on city finances

By: Tom Duggan – November, 2010 Former Lawrence Mayor Mike Sullivan says he has had enough of the “lies” by current Mayor Lantigua and members of the Deval Patrick administration regarding his handling of Lawrence finances over the last eight years. Sullivan called into the Paying Attention! Radio Program with Tom Duggan on WHAV last […]

Cops under Siege: guns, ski masks, ammo confiscated

By: T0m Duggan – November, 2010 When Lawrence police got an anonymous tip that a man with a gun in his waistband had just left Bali’s, a nightclub on Essex Street, there were only seven patrolmen protecting the city of more than 80,000 people. The caller told police that the man got into a black […]

Lawrence Cops Under Siege: Six Cops Working Alone at Night

Mayor Lantigua has SIX cops Patrolling Early Nights Mayhem ensues as citizens left unprotected, Missing teens found drugged in Andover   By: Tom Duggan- November, 2010 When the call went out one Tuesday night last month, alerting Lawrence Police officers of an impending crisis, the details were sketchy. A thirteen year old Arlington School girl never […]

They Came to Honor Pangi

  By: Tom Duggan – October, 2010 Last month hundreds of friends supporters and elected officials gathered at the Meadow Creek Golf Club in Dracut to honor the outgoing State Senator Steve Panagiotakos who announced earlier this year that he would not be seeking reelection after 21 consecutive years as an elected official. Flanked by […]

Patrick Blanchette fined $20,000 for taking money from campaign

Blanchette is Mayor Lantigua’s Economic Development Director and Former City Council President By: Tom Duggan – October, 2010 The State Office of Campaign Finance (OCPF) has fined former Lawrence City Council President Patrick Blanchette $20,000 for taking money from his city council campaign account going back to 2006 among other violations. Blanchette has admitted to […]

Welcome Back Police Chief Solomon

We Predicted his illegal Firing would lead to his return and it has Valley Patriot Editorial October, 2010   Love him or hate him, Methuen Police Chief Joe Solomon may not be a saint, but he is certainly not the demon he was made out to be by The Eagle~Tribune and others when he was […]

An interview with Senate Candidate Barry Finegold

An interview with Senate Candidate Barry Finegold

  By: Tom Duggan – September, 2010 State Representative Barry Finegold is a candidate for State Senate. Valley Patriot editor Tom Duggan interviewed him last month on the Paying Attention! Radio Program on WCAP in Lowell. Duggan asked Finegold about his vote in favor of a $35 million loan for Lawrence with no financial oversight. […]

Mosque Supporters are a Disgrace to our Country

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL   September, 2010 Next year marks the 10th Anniversary of 9-11 and the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil. And while the ‘war on terror” is still going on and we are still fighting Al-Qaeda and Muslim Jihadist in Afghanistan, around the world and here at home, many have forgotten the terror […]

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