2009 Law Enforcement fatalities: A tale of two trends

Total line-of-duty deaths drop to lowest level in 50 years; gun related killings up 23% with five multiple-fatality shootings   March, 2010 Washington, DC – Fewer U.S. law enforcement officers died in the line of duty in 2009 than in any year in the past half century—an encouraging trend tempered by a disturbing increase in […]

Playing the race card in 2010

Is it time for City Councilor Grisel Silva to resign?     By: Robert O’Koniewski, Esq., – March, 2010   Just how far Lawrence can sink has yet to be seen. The recent events surrounding Mayor Lantigua’s insistence on keeping, and then resigning from, his State Representative job certainly has enabled us to plunge to the […]

A total waste of taxpayers’ money

  By: Michael Sweeney – March, 2010 You have to wonder when taxpayers are simply going to have enough and demand wholesale change. It appears the limits of taxpayers tolerance is being reached, particularly with the continued Tammany Hall tactics going on in the City of Lawrence. Just imagine how much of your tax dollars […]

Lawrence Exchange Club Honors Fire, Police, EMT’s

Lawrence, Andover North Andover Heroes Honored By: Tom Duggan – Febrary, 2010 The Lawrence Exchange Club held their annual Police, Firefighter and EMT of the year awards last night honoring first responders in the valley. Police and Fire Chiefs from Lawrence, Andover and North Andover were allowed to present each honoree with a plaque and explain to […]

Sweeney Pens Letter to Ethics Commission

Sweeney Pens Letter to Ethics Commission

February 4rth, 2010 State Ethics Commission Mr. Scott Cole 1 Ashburton Place Boston, MA 02108 Dear Mr. Cole: I am filing a formal complaint against William Lantigua, Mayor of the City of Lawrence and State Representative for the Sixteenth Essex District – City of Lawrence. I firmly believe that Mayor/State Representative William Lantigua has violated […]

Challenges Ahead for Methuen

Methuen Mayor Bill Manzi Looks Ahead By: Methuen Mayor Bill Manzi – January, 2010 This week I will have the honor of being sworn in for my third term as Methuen’s Mayor. Much has been accomplished over the past four years, but so much more remains, with the challenges facing Methuen as great as any […]

Recovery Act Dollars being spent in The Valley

How Some of Your Money is Being Spent “Since Recovery Act dollars began to be released in March, the Fifth District has received more than $350 million, helping to create or save 1,600 jobs. This includes construction projects with Lowell Public Housing, Community Health Center expansions in Lawrence and Lowell, and double tracking along the […]

The City of Lawrence has No Idea What is About to Hit Them

The City of Lawrence has No Idea What is About to Hit Them

  PAYING ATTENTION with Tom Duggan – November, 2009 Few people can really understand the magnitude of the changes that are about to occur in the City of Lawrence with the election of State Representative Willie Lantigua (da chief). Not only did Willie win an overwhelming victory on Election Day, but almost every one of […]

Obama Fostering Black Racism

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL August, 2009 Harvard’s Professor Gates and a friend, who are both black, locked themselves out of his Cambridge home and had to break into his house. This activity is spotted by a passer-by and reported to the police. No mention of the men’s skin color was mentioned during the call. The police arrive […]

We Support the Haverhill Firefighters

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL   June, 2009 Haverhill Mayor James Fiorentini is planning to close the Bradford Fire Station in June and we find that unacceptable. Even more unacceptable is how Fiorentini blames the firefighters for racking up overtime and exhausting the city budget. But the firefighters we talked to showed us hard facts and figures proving that the fire […]

Eagle Tribune owes readers an explanation

Eagle Tribune owes readers an explanation

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL   April, 2009 Last month, The Eagle~Tribune website reported that a suitcase with a cell phone taped to it was left on the steps of Lawrence District Court with a note that read “Call police, call the Tribune, call Tom Duggan”. (Tom Duggan is editor of The Valley Patriot). The story was picked up by […]

Andrea Traficanti Files for Permanent Disability

Andrea Traficanti Files for Permanent Disability

Fired Attorney’s Firm Member Made Millions on Taxpayers   Valley Patriot Staff – November, 2008 Former Lawrence city hall worker Andrea Traficanti will be back in court next month seeking permanent and total disability benefits after filing a new claim with the Department of Industrial Accidents.    Her claim now is that she is permanently and […]