Hope and Change

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL NOVEMBER, 2010   Election night 2010 was stunning for many here in Massachusetts, but the results were not always what we hoped for. Many of us worked hard on campaigns, taking time away from families and jobs to help elect our favorite candidates. When the candidates we worked for were defeated, it […]

When it’s time to say good-bye …

Puppy Love with Kate Whitney   By; PuppyGirl Kate Whitney – November, 2010 I want to apologize for this month’s column…it’s not a happy or funny column, it’s actually kind of sad. The topic I’m going to touch upon is dealt with very differently by each individual person. I hope that you might be able […]


  By; Dani Langevin – Lesbian Columnist – November, 2010 Public Displays of Affection (PDA), I see them all the time. Students hugging in the halls, people old and young holding hands, giving each other a quick kiss goodbye or the worst is those teens with little to no respect for themselves or anyone else […]

The Shallow World of Politics

  By: Paul Murano – November, 2010 Okay, so Republicans have picked up major gains in this midterm election. Is this something conservatives should celebrate? Does it mean the country is turning right? Not at all. It is a pattern that has been happening for decades. There are basically two reasons people win major elections […]

Patrick-Baker Result No Surprise

  By: Robert O’Koniewki – November, 2010 If one had paid the slightest bit of attention to the progression of the latest gubernatorial election one would not have been surprised that Democrat Deval Patrick topped Republican Charlie Baker to grab the governor’s office for another four years. The result seemed to possess some shock to […]

Local, National Leaders Honored For Protecting Children

By: Laurie Myers – November, 2010 Community VOICES a Victims’ Rights organization whose mission it is to raise awareness of child sexual abuse, missing and exploited children and Internet predators honored the Littleton Massachusetts Police Department with the Community VOICES Jeffrey Curley Dedicated Service Award. They received this award for their exemplary performance in 2009 […]

Lowering Dracut Town Meeting Quorum to 50 is a bad idea

  By: D.J. Deeb – November, 2010 Dracut residents recently rejected a warrant article lowering the quorum requirement at its annual November town meetings to 50. This change was proposed by Dracut Town Clerk Kathy Graham as a cost saving measure. Although I can appreciate Kathy Graham’s good intentions, I believe that lowering the quorum […]

Aggravated Assaults Keep Rising in Lawrence

    By: Tom Duggan – November, 2010 LAWRENCE, MA: Reductions in the Lawrence Police Department continue to negatively impact crime in that City. Aggravated assaults climbed 94% for the months of July-September 2010 as compared to the same period in 2009. “The loss of 41 police officers and the dismantling of the various specialty […]

Faggan, L’Italien, Pelosi Dumped Ding, Dong, the Worst are Gone!

GEORGETOWN TODAY By: Lawrence “Lonnie” Brennan – November, 2010 Locally and nationally, ultra-liberal, ultra-taxing, ultra-arrogant and entrenched politicians got slapped in the face and kicked to the curb. It’s about time. James Faggan was that notorious ‘rep’ who argued against protecting children, even going so far as to let us all know he would make […]

What is the Tea Party Movement?

  By: Tom Weaver – November, 2010 What unites this group of Americans? They meet, share ideas and listen without the benefit of elected leaders or organization rules. What is the glue, the spirit and the common beliefs that create the Tea Party Movement? Perhaps those beliefs embraced by the Tea Party Movement are indeed […]

Shaky new standards for college readiness

  By: Sandra Stotsky – November, 2010 SPECIAL TO THE VALLEY PATRIOT “Dr. Ormsby is taking the month off to assess the existential meaning of the election results. He will return in December.” A mesmerizing phrase regularly rolls off the tongues of education experts these days. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan used it in a […]

A Call to Respect Our Public Safety Officials

  By: Marc LaPlante – Lawrence City Councilor – November, 2010 The following is from a prepared statement given to the Lawrence City Council by Councilor Marc LaPlante two days before the story above took place. Lawrence’s Mayor Lantigua laid off 25 police officers earlier this year after borrowing $35 million and gave raises to people in […]

Paying Attention! Radio Program returns to the airwaves

By: Paula Porten Valley Patriot president and founder Tom Duggan announced last week on his Facebook page that the Paying Attention! Radio Program, has been picked up by WHAV radio in Haverhill and now airs on Wednesday nights from 6-9PM. WHAV broadcasts on 1640AM radio as well as live internet streaming on WHAV.net. WHAV.TV, Cable […]