Business as usual

Lawrence Mayor Lantigua has brought nothing but chaos and has no plan By:  Robert O’Koniewski, Esq. – July, 2010 When Mayor William Lantigua took over city government in January, he promised a break from the business as usual that we have seen under all previous administrations. His rhetoric may have been lofty, but it belied the […]

Tea Party 101

By: Christine Morabito – July, 2010 With new Tea Parties popping up all over the state, there is no question that the message of limited government strikes a chord with a great many Bay State residents. An enthusiastic group of American patriots is forming right in our own backyard with the emergence of the Merrimack Valley […]

Obama’s Oil Spill

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL July, 2010   For more than 80 days, millions of gallons of oil have been billowing into the Gulf of Mexico. And for 80 days President Obama has done absolutely nothing to take control of the situation. We agree with Obama’s blind defenders that he cannot put on a cape, fly to […]

Lawrence Fire Chief Murphy Says He is Being Targeted

Lawrence Fire Chief Murphy Says He is Being Targeted

TARGETED! Valley Patriot Exclusive! By: Tom Duggan – July, 2010 Lawrence Mayor Willie Lantigua is targeting Fire Chief Brian Murphy after the chief publicly opposed the mayor’s efforts to layoff more than two dozen firefighters and close two more fire stations, the chief told the Valley Patriot. Since Chief Murphy appeared before the city council […]

Rep. Torrisi attacks N. Andover constituents, American Citizens

    By: Tom Duggan – June, 2010   NORTH ANDOVER – State Representative David Torissi says he is proud of his record of representing illegal aliens. In a letter he sent to a constituent last month he clearly states his opposition to a measure that would have cut off all state funding for illegal […]

The Government-Union Cartel Organized crime on steroids and we are its victims

THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX   By Dr. Charles Ormsby – June, 2010   There are no special workers’ rights. There are only human rights. Workers have them and so does everyone else. Seems simple, doesn’t it? Everyone has the same rights. Rights must be consistent. You can’t have a right that violates the rights of […]

EPA: Untreated Raw Sewage Flowing into Shawsheen

  By; Tom Duggan – June, 2010   The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has sent a letter to Lawrence DPW Director Frank McCann (right) informing the City of Lawrence that the EPA has first hand knowledge that the city is pumping wastewater (human waste) into the Shawsheen River. According to documents obtained by The Valley […]

Laws? Laws? We don’t need no stinkin’ laws!

Corruption 101: Willie Lantigua, Lenny Degnan and Patrick Blanhette, By: Robert O’Koniewski, Esq.- June, 2010 The Commonwealth of Massachusetts comprises 351 cities and towns. From the Berkshires to the Cape, 350 communities and their leaders play by the rules and actually follow the laws as written. Then there is Lawrence, where apparently no rules or […]

Rep. Dave Torissi mocks voters, sides with illegal aliens

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL JUNE 2010     North Andover State Rep. David Torrisi has some nerve. He was elected by American citizens in Lawrence and North Andover to represent their interests in the state legislature. When he took his oath of office he swore to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States […]

My Fellow Talking Animals

  By: Paul Murano – May, 2010 My Fellow Talking Animals . . . I am increasingly confronted with signs that remind me we have crossed the Rubicon, the threshold of sanity, and our only collective hope is a deep conversion of mind and heart. Every semester I take an informal poll in my college […]