The Road to Beacon Hill is Paved with Mediocre Intentions

  By: Karin Rhoton – June, 2012 Somehow the rhetoric never changes, even though the calendar does. Another year has gone by and still the taxpayers of Massachusetts continue to fund pet projects of politicians instead of funding services and programs for the communities in which they live. Still the taxpayers have not seen the […]

The current state of activism in Lawrence

The current state of activism in Lawrence

  By: Joe D’Amore – June, 2012 The community action movements that swept Lawrence “It’s Your Right” and “Uniting Lawrence” appear to have initated derivative actions that speak to a yearning for change in this city. These have manifested themselves in unique ways such as a proliferation of Face Book groups, radio programs, letter writing […]

Who is Minding the Store in Methuen?

  By: Ken Willette – June, 2012 I have observed with great dissatisfaction political decisions being considered or enacted by our local leadership in Methuen. With each questionable decision, I have come to the same conclusions: when are real government reforms going to be implemented and how much will these recent actions to augment the […]

An “F” on Transparancy in Massachusetts (opnion)

  By: Rob Eno – May, 2012 After completing work on a $32.5 billion budget, Speaker Robert DeLeo (D-Winthrop) said the budget process was, “the most open and transparent we can have”. The non-partisan Center for Public Integrity, among others, strongly disagrees. They recently gave Massachusetts an F for openness and transparency in our budgeting […]

Ask the Reverse Mortgage Guy

  By: Robert Irving – May, 2011 Celebrity TV Endorsements – Robert Wagner is back on TV in a toned down commercial for reverse mortgages; this time for Guardian First Funding Group out of New York and Philadelphia. According to an employment ad, this company operates a Call Center and hires telephone representatives as they […]

Methuen Salem Rotary Honors Teachers and Students of the Year

By: Diana DiZoglio, Valley Patriot Reporter – April, 2012 On April 3, Methuen, MA/Salem, NH Rotary hosted their second annual Celebration of Achievement Banquet at Merrimack Valley Golf Club. President Elect Trudy Lawler call it the “signature event” which “recognizes teachers, students and awards scholarships”. “It’s something that we work toward all year long”, she […]

Pain Management at End-of-Life

By: Dr. Rami Rustum – April, 2012 Pain relief at the end of life is a top priority task for patients, family caregivers, and healthcare professionals. Failure to achieve such goal has enormous consequences with tremendous distress to patients, a sense of failure by family caregivers, and moral distress of professionals who understand that the […]

Beyond the Obamacare Debate

Beyond the Obamacare Debate

By: Christen Varley – April, 2012 I spent the better portion of last week reading, watching, and waiting for news from the Supreme Court. The hearings held to determine the constitutionality of the individual mandate, as well as the entirety of Obamacare, are over and we Americans must now wait for the verdict. I don’t […]

Can Hypoglycemia and Diabetes be Managed?

Lab testing ranges are EXTREMELY BROAD! By: Dr. Jin Sung – April, 2012 From a medical standpoint, normal blood glucose levels have a broad range of 70 to 105, while functional or optimal blood glucose level ranges are 85 to 99. According to the American Diabetic Association, a blood sugar level reading of 106 to […]