Senate Passes New Veterans’ Bill – In Your Corner with Senator Ives

By: Senator Ives – November, 2013 In the latest effort to support veterans, military members and their families in Massachusetts, the Senate unanimously passed legislation in October to expand benefits, increase access to services, and strengthen the recognition and honor given to our service men and women. Senate Bill 1876, “An Act Relative to Veterans’ […]

Language of the PAWS ACT, Protecting Animal Welfare and Safety – Section by Section Summary

SECTION 1. Authorizes the Homeless Animal Prevention and Care Fund, which consists of revenues received from a voluntary tax check-off, to collect and expend money for the care and protection of abused animals. SECTION 2. Requires the State Police or their designee to establish and advertise a toll-free telephone hotline and website for reporting suspected […]

UPDATED: Senator Tarr on Puppy Doe Case – Inspires ‘PAWS Act’ – Legilsation Will Create Animal Abuser Registry

UPDATED: Senator Tarr on Puppy Doe Case – Inspires ‘PAWS Act’ – Legilsation Will Create Animal Abuser Registry

Senate Republicans Fight for Animal Cruelty Law October, 2013 | Updated 10-28-013 Massachusetts State Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr (R-Gloucester) released the following statement today, following the arrest of 32-year-old Radoslaw Czerkawski on multiple charges of animal cruelty in connection with the infamous “Puppy Doe” case:  “The prosecutors and the police in this case deserve […]

Senator Ives: We Can’t Lose Our Water Independence

By: State Senator Kathleen Ives (D) Newburyport October, 2013 Last week, I gave testimony before the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture in support of two important pieces of legislation before the committee. I spoke in support of House Bill 695, “An Act Preventing the Disposal of Hydraulic Fracturing Wastewater” and House Bill […]

Saving Supermom

By: Cheryl Hajjar – October 2013 Having it all. That quintessential line brought on by the feminist movement that has been driven in every young girl’s mind including myself over the last 25 years. Lucky us. In today’s world, there are many more opportunities for women than ever before in history and we as women […]

My sit down Interview with Mayor Donna Holaday of Newburyport

By Rebeccah Pearson – September, 2013 On November 5th the Newburyport Community will be asked once again to vote for their mayor. Last election, Donna Holaday won without contest, but this year she finds herself running against two candidates up for the mayor’s position. Dick Sullivan Jr. and Gregory Earls will find themselves voicing their […]

59 Legislators Vote for Gas Tax Hike Have Taxpayers Pick Up Their Gas Tab!

Boston, MA: As taxpayers across the Commonwealth begin to feel the effects of new and higher taxes today, public records show that many of the legislators who voted to implement these higher taxes, such as the one on gasoline, are also benefiting from taxpayer funded reimbursements for when they travel to the Statehouse. Per diems […]

Valley Patriots Clinch First Place Head to the Playoffs in Over 30’s Girls Softball!

Valley Patriots Clinch First Place Head to the Playoffs in Over 30’s Girls Softball!

Allan Knowles – August 21, 2013 In their second year in a row as a team The Valley Patriots have once again clinched the 1st place spot and head to the playoffs in the True Vision, Over 30 – Girls Softball League. Last year The Valley Patriots not only captured first place in the league but won […]

The Very BEST of Newburyport… From Rebeccah Pearson of

  By: Rebeccah Pearson, August 2013 Smitten – Newburyport Owner June Pastman of Smitten helps cater to the needs of customers and clients sharing her passion for the clothing industry that began from a young age. Instinctual knowledge of purchasing, dressing, and fashion consulting for women of work, leisure, and play speaks in volumes […]

The Ongoing Fight Against Tax Increases

By: State Senator Kathleen Ives – August, 2013 There has been some misinformation in the press about the Legislature’s recent vote to override Governor Deval Patrick’s veto of the Transportation Finance Bill. Some outlets are reporting that by fighting against the Governor on this veto, the legislature chose to raise the gas tax by 3 […]

Masssachusetts State Spending on Local Projects

Masssachusetts State Spending on Local Projects

Senator Kathleen O’Connor Ives reports to the Valley Patriot that she has voted on the Fiscal Year 2014 Budget today in a 36-3 vote. The budget included numerous items that she advocated for, such as: $300,000 for Salisbury Beach Replenishment Salisbury beach is one of the Commonwealth’s most popular beaches and contributes greatly to our […]