Real Heroes

Real Heroes

By: Jeff Katz – June, 2014 Memorial Day always reminds me of my favorite veteran, my Dad. While my Dad was long past his active duty days by the time that I came along, he often shared with me the lessons he gained as a result of his Army service. He spoke of honor, integrity, […]

As the Christie Turns – By Jeff Katz

As the Christie Turns – By Jeff Katz

By: Jeff Katz January, 2014 The other day, while lounging on a Sunday morning my wife turned on The Today Show which seemed more like an episode of “As Chris Christie Turns”. The latest development in the political version of Jersey Boys indicated that a politician was playing political games in awarding development money. Oh […]

‘Tis the Season

By: Jeff Katz – December, 2013 It is that time of the year when Christmas is in the news. For many of my friends it is an extremely important time of the year. For truly faithful Christians, this is all about the birth of their Messiah and the tremendous hope and joy this brings to […]

More Bubble Wrap … Stat!

By: Jeff Katz – November, 2013 Do you remember back in the olden days when dinosaurs roamed the earth and we had to walk up hill to school…both ways? You know the age when we rode bikes with no helmets and swam without goggles. There was a time when American kids were fairly sturdy creatures capable […]

They’ve Done It Again!

By: Jeff Katz – July, 2013 If you felt a little extra tug on your wallet recently that’s because our Beacon Hill payroll patriots decided that you just were not doing your part. It seems that you were not paying your fair share, so the profiles in courage who sit in our General Court decreed […]

No Honors For You!

  By Jeff Katz – July, 2013 I am happy to reflect on the fact that as a young man I was in a number of what were then called “advanced” courses. I excelled in English, history and social science and the Philadelphia school system provided me with an opportunity to delve deeper and more […]

Knowledge vs. Wisdom

By: Certified Life Coach, Jeff Katz – June 2013 Surely you remember that old phrase, “a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.” There are very few expressions which really hit home like that one does. If you are of a certain age, you just don’t get it though. After all, while you […]

Another Day, Another Scandal for the White House

Another Day, Another Scandal for the White House

By: Keff Katz – June, 2013 “Another day, another scandal” seems to have replaced “yes we can” and “forward” as the official slogan now employed by the current occupier of the Oval Office and his motley crew of acolytes. No longer is the Dear Leader talking about his desire to transform America, rather he and […]

Muslim Terrorism Hits Boston

  By: Jeff Katz – May, 2013 Just in case anyone needed a reminder that we are still a nation at war, they should have gotten that message loud and clear on Patriot’s Day 2013. On April 15, two bombs were deployed which rocked the finish line of the venerable Boston Marathon. What followed these […]