GLTS Dedicates Science & Technology Center

ANDOVER- The Greater Lawrence Technical School unveiled the new Science and Technology wing last month and dedicated it to a lifelong advocate of the vocational school, Evelyn Burke. Mrs. Burke has been a member of the Technical School Committee for eighteen years, was treasurer of the board for twelve years and was a nursing instructor […]


VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL September, 2004 John Kerry and the democrats have long touted the myth that the presidents’ education initiative “No Child Left Behind Act” (NCLB) isn’t funded and “leaves kids behind”. In fact, it was a mantra at the Democrat National Convention and the media has consistently reported the charge as fact.  But, a […]

Uncertainty Looms For Veterans Stadium

By: Tom Duggan – September, 2004  LAWRENCE – After more than thirty years of neglect and empty promises by elected officials, the Veterans Memorial Stadium has finally become a priority for government leaders in the city. In an unusual display of cooperation, Mayor Michael Sullivan and the Lawrence City Council worked out a $30 million capital […]

Signs of Growth are Everywhere in Lawrence – By Lawrence High Principal Tom Sharkey

By: Tom Sharkey – September, 2004 The development of the mill buildings, the construction of a new rail center, and the repairs to City Hall and to Veterans Stadium speak to a community coming together to shape its future. Though still in its early stages, emerging as another success story for the City is Lawrence […]

Lawrence Charter Needs an “Or Else” – PAYING ATTENTION WITH TOM DUGGAN

Lawrence Charter Needs an “Or Else” – PAYING ATTENTION WITH TOM DUGGAN

  September, 2004 One of the major problems with the Lawrence City Charter is that there’s no accountability clause when any mayor simply refuses to follow or enforce the law. This has been a problem since 1986 when the city charter first went into affect. Since then, the frustration of Lawrence residents and City Councilors […]

Hanna’s Education Corner – An Interview with Lawrence School Superintendent Wilfredo Laboy

By: Hanna, Age 10 – October, 2004 What is the difference between a teacher, a principal and a superintendent? Teachers work most directly with the students in the classroom. Principals run the schools and are in charge of everyone in the school building. Superintendents are in charge of all the schools. We make sure that […]



Lawrence School Committee uses State Tax Dollars on Cell Phones…for Themselves   By: Tom Duggan – July, 2004   LAWRENCE- In the first three parts of this series, The Valley Patriot reported that Lawrence School Committee members had:  1) wasted thousands of dollars on lavish meals at the One Mill Street restaurant at state taxpayers’ […]

Lawrence School Committee Trip Included Stay at Walt Disney World

Lawrence School Committee Trip Included Stay at Walt Disney World

By: Tom Duggan – May, 2004    While other communities in the Merrimack Valley are counting every penny and making difficult cuts to services and personnel, foregoing luxuries like out-of-state travel, and appealing to the state for more funding, the Lawrence School Committee appears not to have similar concerns.   Last month, while no other superintendent […]

Education Myths Debunked by Real Life Examples

PAYING ATTENTION WITH TOM DUGGAN   By: Tom Duggan – May, 2004 Recent headlines in Merrimack Valley newspapers have proven that the sacred cow ideologies of public education espoused by liberals are in fact, myths. Myth #1 Money equals education: Most people have bought into the myth that spending more money on education results in […]

Lawrence School Committee Bills Taxpayers for Fine Dining

Tom Duggan 03-08-04 For the past three years members of the Lawrence School Committee have been billing the taxpayers for plush dining at the city’s most expensive restaurant: One Mill Street. Then School Committeemen Noah Shannon, Pedro Arce, Suzanne Piscitello, Nancy Kennedy and current member George Gonzalez all dined with Superintendent Wilfredo Laboy and his […]