Now the Real Healing Begins!

Now the Real Healing Begins!

By: Peter Larocque – December 2013 Almost four years ago at the inauguration and installation of Mayor William Lantigua which had the atmosphere of a coronation of a king, the posture and disposition of his administration was unveiled. Then, State Representative Lantigua entered the auditorium from the back and walked through the crowd of loyal […]

Now the Real Healing Begins!

By: Peter Larocque – November, 2013 First let me say congratulations to Mayor Elect Dan Rivera. I am so proud of the kind of campaign that you ran. You kept it clean! You didn’t go down to your opponent’s level and play in his backyard. You stayed above the negativity and stayed the course! You […]

The Time For Talk is Over, Now it’s Time to Vote!

By: Peter Lrocque – September, 2013 Dear Fellow Lawrencians, This coming Primary Election which is about to take place on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 is probably the most important election that I can remember for us in the Great City of Lawrence. This election affords to us the means to fix what is really ailing […]

Anyone But Mayor Willie Lantigua

By: Peter Larocque – August, 2013 When I get into discussions concerning the election for Mayor in The Great City of Lawrence, far too many times I hear, “anybody but Willie!” Unfortunately, “anybody but Willie” will not be on the ballot. “Anybody but Willie” is not a candidate! Yes, I understand the frustration among the […]

The Declaration of Independence vs. City of Lawrence

  By: Peter Larocque – June, 2013 According to the Declaration of Independence, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, are unalienable rights of all the people endowed by their Creator. To secure these rights, Governments are instituted deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, the people! Whenever any form of Government […]

Note to Lawrence Citizens, Beware of False Prophets!

  By: Peter Larocque – February 2013 Usually when one reads the Title of Prophet, they immediately think of Biblical Prophets. Biblical Prophets are those called by God to speak for Him to discipline, admonish, encourage or edify His people. They may at times even warn His people of coming events that would not be […]